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ThePath Of RectitudeAl- AndalusPlease make your selection...Foreword ForewordAfter failing several times to concentrate on the book I was reading during a stop-over atthe Madrid airport, waiting to board the airplane that will take me to Casablanca,Morocco, I realized that for the preceding hour or so, my imagination was actuallystarting a journey that has lasted to this day. It was over thirty years ago since as aten year old child, my family and I emigrated from the country of my ancestors - Morocco.My unrest during the flight was an insignificant prelude to what I was to experience uponmy arrival to Sidi Mohamed V airport. I arrived at night and the car trip from the airportto my aunt #146;s house lasted no more than half an hour, stimulated by the strongfragrance of that April, 1993 night, I began to reconstruct a past from the memories of mychildhood.The following seven days were more than just a quot;pilgrimage quot;, every day began with a careful plan for things to see, touch and smell. The urge for seeing the house were I grewup was so intense that not only did I decide to visit the place I once called Home, but toactually relive one of my daily childhood activities. At seven o #146;clock of my firstmorning in Casablanca, I stood near the house at 20 Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau and began towalk towards my school - ?ole de Gar?s Y. D. S?ACH foolishly expecting to relive a momentin time by simply going back to the place where that moment occurred. I nevertheless,continued and visited souks, synagogues and neighborhoods where I once played. At the OldMedina I met Chabaane Mohamed - an Ud maker who talked about Andalusian music I also metpeople who talked about the past, there were some such as quot;Omar le Cyclist quot; whogenuinely worried about those of us who left Morocco during that monumental exodus, theystill wonder why we left - I did not have a convincing explanation.AVRAHAM ELHARAR | June 1997The mission of this website is to bringtogether people who are interested in the historical cross fertilization of the variouscultures that crossed path with each other during the early part of this millenium in quot;Al-Andalus quot; - and the Maghreb.Copyright ? 1997 - 1998 Avraham Elarar All Rights ReservedAll trademarks or product names mentioned herein are the property of their respectiveowners.For more information please send e-mail to:avraham al-andaluz.comRevised: --webbot botTimeStamp s-format%B %d, %Y s-typeEDITED startspan --July 24, 2006--webbot botTimeStamp i-checksum14352 endspan --.July 24, 2006

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