Sexiest Arab Man

Sexiest Arab Man

Mohamed Bash is officially considered as The Sexiest Arab Man, after heading the first and only Top 100 Sexiest Arab Men 2010 list.

A lot has been said about this charming young man, but here is a small sample of the reviews we received during the survey.

Why People like him?

Noha (Egypt)
He is the Best..
He is perfect in every will never find a man that could steal your heart easily like him just by his adorable smile or by his killer eyes ..his eyes make ever girls melt...he is gentle , like heroes from old days...
His tender voice is soooooo damn soft and touches hearts when he holds his guitar and starts to play I feel like I am in a different world his way when he plays the guitar you wish if he holds you like the way he hold his guitar if you ask about mohamad bash then you ask about crying when he sing all girls cry and cry and nothing but cry
His songs which he wrote it with his worming voice make us wanna cry just by hearing it. Even Massari admires him and told him how he made the world cry and he translated one of his songs to English.
His charisma OH Dear God He eats the stage...
he can dance, move ,make the camera not leave his sight. he could perform like no one else,,,
Simply he is a real star all the ways and adorable man. Bashs fans are crazy about him, even his friend he made them cry by his voice.. and he is the most adorable man and star on earth
Thanks Fanoos

As a man..He is Every girl and woman’s dreams..He is damn handsome,his eyes make every girl melts ,his tenderness, his polite ,smart ,soooooo sooooooos sooooooo charming..Rarely to find a handsome man has that charm...HE Kills with his words..He is a full Package..He is adorable.

As A star..He is hip ,He is A sound of love ,His Voice just came from heaven, his songs speak to the heart , he can sing and dance in English and Arabic so good..he gain a huge fan base even from foreigners who can’t speak Arabic they got attached to him ..Actually you can’t tell why Exactly you simply adore this man even if you watch him from far or don’t understand his language..
In one of his interviews, a non Arab woman called him to tell him how he has a huge fan base and they all dont speak Arabic but they love him...

we all know in fact he is gonna be an international star...But a real one,,many singers now sing in English to make the westerners know about them..they don’t do an effort to make the world listen to them in their language But mohamed is going in the right way to make the world see an Arab man he is smart ,handsome, educated , polite, so talented show what an Arab mans really look like ..

The last comment...
They always say about this man’s fans the way they love him not a normal one they might make a statue for him and adore him!!!

Laluu (Egypt)
He is the best star I have ever seen, cause he had it all, meaning not only because his voice is very warm or he can dance too or he can sing in many languages or he can write songs and compose them...but beside all the previous he has an amazing personality too. He is very kind has a white heart, helps anyone who needs help, he is down to earth,, and.........many many things if I want to count it.. it’ll take a lot of time and efforts..but there is something you can feel when you hear him sing I don’t know what it is!!! Maybe because he can feel every word he sings or maybe his feelings when he sings come from deep inside,, after all that I love him because of all this things I wrote and much much more,,all I can say he deserves all the best and nothing less and to be number one in every thing...

Tarek (United States)
A real man..His voice came from Heaven..His way when he’s playing the guitar is so charming.
He is smart, Good looking, Cool.
So difficult to find a star Every mother sees in him her son, Every girl sees in him her Dream of a boyfriend, Every guy sees in him someone he is looking forward to be like him..
His fans are totally crazy about him and he has fans from all countries with different ages ...
His songs tell our story and his voice directly goes into our hearts.
He is so special for sure.

Nehal Elbashawya (Egypt)
Mohamad Bash is the Best, and he deserves to be number 1 in this competition because he is the most attractive man ever. We love him forever and ever...with love

Sarab soso (Oman)
Because he is sooooooo beautiful from inside and outside, he is sooooo handsome, attractive, kind, romantic person. He was the best candidate in star academy 6 Lebanon. he wrote & composed around 10 songs. they were very touching and the best & greatest songs u will ever hear..

Lamiaabash (Egypt)
Basho thought us the meaning of love and feelings. He is a real person before being an artist. The voice of love, one cannot give him his due and make him justice with this, May God protect him and fill his days with nothing other than love and happiness.

Hananlorita (Egypt)
Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaashhhh the person the artist beauty charisma romance talent, morals, respect, honesty, compassion, masculinity, Bashhhhhhhhhhh the symbol for everything beautiful and honest...We loved him since the start and we still love him now too more and more Mashallah most beautiful image and most tender Arabic voice. May God protect him... always at the heart stay at your place.

bho Nasser Abrahim (Egypt)
i like bash because he simply has the purest heart , the best eyes ....when he smiles his eyes glow and u just feel that everything is gonna be okay. he has a warm voice that makes u live in a different world and fly above all skies......i like bash because he is simply the best....

Heba Galal (Egypt)
he is so handsome ,kind ,charming, awesome god bless himmmmmmmm

Riham (Egypt)
He is so nice , very romantic , cute

Gehan Fawzy (Egypt)
He is charming, sexy, very good with his fans, and has an amazing voice.

I like mohammad bash because he is the sweetest man I have ever seen

Kinda (Syria)
hmmm i just love him coz simply hes Mhamad Bash & i do every thnig kermalo love him till the death :)

Roro (Syria)
Cuz he is the loveliest and the cutest, the greatest and the most amazing, handsome, marvelous, gorgeous and fabulous star and man in the whole world , the planet and universe

Amera (Egypt)
Bash is a symbol for everything pure and respectful in life, he is a good role model for the youth of his generation, he is the voice of love and romance that we are lacking in this world.

Samira Sadek (Egypt)
Bash is a talented artist, romantic, honest, respectful, and knows how to treat a lady.

Rita (Lebanon)
he is the best of all

Sara Rahafiz (Sudan)
i l000000ve this cadinate because of his beautiful voice, face, body and personality 7abeeeeeeeebe

Sama (Egypt)
I love his tender voice in his songs that hope everyone around the world gets the chance to listen to them to feel the true meaning of love, passion and romance. Bash is a sensitive person and humble, he is cultured and educated... very wise and mature.
Bash has the best heart in the world.
My one and only star.

Bana Alsulaivany (Iraq)
cause he is the most romantic man I have ever seen, & his voice expresses this romance in every word he says. Really he has an expressive voice.

Mouni (Morocco)
j’aime bien sa voix son caractere ses yeux Bien suuur.

Rana (Egypt)
because he is the best in everything in song in dance in love and he loves his friends before him

Riham Anas (Egypt)
he is very human . so romantic . very handsome

Hana (United States)
Bash has a heart of gold, and definitely a beautiful person inside before out. Simply, charming.

Saleh Aidie (Syria)
a great singer a good looking and with a good awesome heart .....and a nice person ....wish him to win ....fingers crossed ...

Nadaal (Egypt)
liannah sawt el hob al taalif wal talhin wal ghinaa wal iste3rad wal sawt al dafi2 al jamil al 3azb wal karizma al haqiqiya
hajer maya (Tunisia-Lebanon)
ktir romancy w akhle2ou 3aliya w bye7terem kel elnnes

Mieto el Koseiry (Saudi Arabia)
Kol shei2 fih toulo 3ardo wa ibtisamatah wa sha3ro wa koul shei fih

Nesrine Ahmed (Egypt)
Baheboh likol haga fih 3ala mostawa el insane wal fanni

Losy shoosha (Egypt)
bi basata lianahu mondarej taht mostalah el jazibiya

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