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Most Powerful Lebanese Women for the year 2006

Most Powerful Lebanese Women for the year 2006

After an exhaustive ongoing research, using multiple assessment techniques supported by leading statistics agencies, we have put together an interesting study regarding the most influential Lebanese women for the year.

The study was prepared based on public opinion or people's general impressions gathered online (articles, polls, blogs, search engines etc) and on the ground (questionnaires, interviews, newspapers, magazines, etc).

We have identified for you the Most Powerful Lebanese Woman for the year 2006.

And the winner is: drums please .. The title of most powerful woman for 2006 goes to .....Ghada Eid !!!

She is the editor and TV presenter of the famous socio-political talk show Al Fassad, which airs on New TV Sat. Her provocative show dwells into the dark corners of Lebanese politics, unmasking corruption wherever it is.

Her power resides in the trust she has gained from the public. So much so, that a lot of those who voted saw in her a potential political figure.

We would like to congratulate her for the title, and wish her good health and extra strength to move forward in her endeavors.

In second place came Bushra Khalil, lawyer of former Saddam Hussein. Her professionalism and her aspiration for justice and truth naturally made her point out the numerous shortcomings and the staging of the court. She discovered the manipulations done by foreign authorities, which closely monitored the court behind hidden spy glass walls, making her very famous worldwide. The path of the judgment was constantly twisted to fit a certain blueprint, whereby all those who opposed were threatened and even killed.

Many of the successive lawyers defending Saddam were taken care of. The only way to shut her up was by similarly expelling her out of the court and even out of the country, with a fatwa to kill her if she ever came back to Iraq. Nowadays, she is the favorite guest of most talk shows.

Randa El Murr took 3rd place. She is the only radio figure to have made it in the list. She definitely beats her male colleagues! Reputed for her sweet provocation and her cunning mockery, Randa was also seen as the radio presenter with the most loyal listeners. Although her show 'Abyiad , Aswad' is not a political one, Randa's strong yet subtle patriotic sense, which most Lebanese relate to no matter their political affiliation, has given her this third position.

4th place was taken by Minister Bahiya Hariri, a very influential figure especially in south of Lebanon. Sister of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, she is highly respected by all Lebanese, even by those who do not agree with the politics of the party she belongs to.

5th place was reserved for Mrs. Strida Geagea, wife of Samir Geagea leader-of Ouwet party.

Mariam Nour made it in 6th position. Also chosen as one of the most provocative, liberal and progressive Arab figures. She is referred to as the Arab spiritual master. She was chosen on the list for her obvious ability to influence the masses with her expressive and peculiar personality.

7th place was reserved for Nidale El Ahmadiyeh. Known for her magazine Al Jaras (which also has a TV complement), a people's print, which mostly deals with celebrity gossip.

Surprisingly, entertainer and famous singer Hayfa Wehbeh also made in the list at position 8! Bravo Hayouf.

In 9th position sits actress and film/video director Nadine Labaki. This multi-talented woman has proved the strong captivating effect videos can have on people.

Last but not least, Minister Nayla Moawad, a leading figure in the current government made it in 10th position.

Unfortunately, many other prominent Lebanese female figures didn't make it on the list this year.

Who do you think deserves to be on this list? Give us your opinion for the Most Powerful Lebanese Women for the year 2007.

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