Interview with a Voodoo Witch

Interview with a Voodoo Witch

Hollywood might have given you Interview with a Vampire, but we are just as proud to share with you our Interview with a Voodoo Witch!

The following is something rare and unique; a great opportunity to shed a bit of light on an ancient art that has preoccupied humanity ever since its primitive days. Everything you ever wanted to know about real magic, explained by a true professional in the field: spell casting, curses, hexes, working with Spirits, summoning magickal entities and servitors, the Three-Fold Law of Return, Voodoo Dolls etc... It’s all here in a condensed version! We even have a small surprise for those who are willing to let a bit of magic enter into their lives...continue reading.

This is an exclusive interview with a real modern-day witch. Yes, witches are real and our interviewee is one of many today to practice witchcraft! Witches are always portrayed as old ugly women who live in solitary in remote areas, confined to their terrifying homes or next to graveyards. While some of this might have been partially true at some point in the long history of witches, you will soon learn that the real picture is slightly different. Today’s witches that practice this ancient occult art, also go clubbing, drive a car, and even run a regular business just like everyone else. Your cute hairdresser could be a witch, your banker a witch...most probably your therapist is a witch!

The witch we interviewed goes by the name of Brother Moloch, a Haitian Voodoo Priest, a practicing Sorcerer and also the Author of many witchcraft books such as Pragmatic Magics: A Grimoire Of Modern Sorcery, The Necronomian: A Workbook Guide to the Necronomicon, The Voodoo Magic Course, and The Magus Ritual Magic Course.

Moloch has been practicing Sorcery since 1987, and in 2009 became officially initiated into the Haitian Vodu system as a Houngan Asogwe, with a specialty in working with Spirits & Ritual/Spell workings.

Please note that the title Voodoo Witch is actually incorrect, and should instead be Voodoo Priest, but because it is more mainstream we went with the first. Also note that a witch in Haiti is also NOT the same as a Witch in England or America. Witches in Haiti are evil, spiteful & hate filled and are NOT earth centered Pagans as the general public is familiar with. Witchery in the Carribbean Isles uses malefica (evil) & venefica (poisons) to accomplish their goals & they do not care who they hurt.

Hello Moloch, and thank you for this interview.

Thanks for asking to interview me. Hopefully I can help your readers understand what real Sorcery is all about.

What are the most common misconceptions when it comes to witches and witchcraft...Other than the fact that a witch could be a man not a woman :) We should point out to our readers that you are a male witch. Witches never flew off on their brooms, did they really lol? (For those reading this, you might want to also check Best Movies About Witches and Witchcraft)
Well let me clarify that there are Witches & then there are Wiccans. Wicca is a religion invented by Gerald B. Gardner in the 1950's which has evolved into a nature centered spirituality. Witchcraft in the Middle Ages was identified as both Malefica & Venefica. I am a Witch, not a Wiccan. However, I prefer to refer to myself as a Sorcerer to avoid the confusion of the Wiccan & Witch terms. Why? Because most Wiccans will tell people they are Witches when they do not act like nor think like a Witch.

Wiccan refuse to get involved in the darker aspects of Magic & Sorcery such as commanding & compelling others, curses, hexes, working with Spirits, the Dead & anything that they believe strays from the light.

Witchcraft, like Sorcery, is a practice; Wicca is earth centered spirituality.

You are actually the closest thing we could find to be compatible with the sensationalized Hollywood version of what a witch should be like... We actually chose to interview you and not any other witch, for this same reason.

Sensationalized? LoL Not sure if that’s a compliment or not.

We were referring to your approach to witchcraft and the way you practice magic... yes we mean it in a good way actually, We wouldn't dare upset a Houngan Asogwe Priest, we are not that crazy:) So what school do you belong to, and what art do you practice? We know you do Sorcery, please explain to our readers the difference. (You also mix Rootwork and Hoodoo etc..)
I belong to no school but have had three important Occult teachers in my life and when I learned all I could from them, I turned to the Spirits themselves to teach me.

I began my path with Wicca on November 17, 1987 but on January 19, 1991, I called out to the Universe for a Spirit Teacher & the Spirit “Moloch” responded to my call. Since then I’ve had not only Moloch but also one of the Planetary Intelligences, Tiriel, become a Spirit Teacher to me.

On March 4, 2009, I was initiated into Haitian Vodu as a Houngan Asogwe which means not only was I baptized with my Head Spirit on me but I was given seven other Spirits to me as well.
In the very beginning I studied & practiced Wicca thinking it was the old Witchery of the Middle Ages. Later I found an Obeah man who taught me how to do things & make the results stronger & more lasting. I spent time honing these skills working my way through the Four Elements. Then I was introduced to a number of old, black Spiritualists who would, for all intent & purposes, be labeled Root Work - Conjure Sorcrers except they referred to themselves as Spiritualist Workers.

When I joined the International Guild of Sorcery, I was befriended by a German Occultist who practiced Rune Sorcery using the Armenan Futhark Rune system. This I’ve never given up as it incorporates Rune Yoga body positions & Runic Hand positions. Further, the German-Irish blood in me went well with the Runic work & I even taught some of this to my old Obeah friend who enjoyed using it in his own practices.

I began going to some psychic study groups in Dunedin, FL & met a man who was a graduate of Cal-Tech that was into Radionics. I was fascinated by the tales of the infamous Black Boxes which could do so much more than simply heal. He too befriended me & spent time explaining the theory of Radionics as well as how to use this for personal gain as well as more nefarious purposes.

So yes, my studies have taken me into several areas of practice. I have accumulated a very large reference library over the years as well as dozens of journals & notebooks of experiments, dreams, spells, chants, words of power & lore.

What do you think of this definition of witchcraft: A true witch is someone who works with the energies of the Universe and Nature? Doesn’t that make chemists and scientists in general witches in some way?
The problem with that statement is that it’s too broad a statement & as pointed out, could mean regular scientists. What it should say is “A true Witch works with the subtle Metaphysical & Spiritual energies of the Universe & Nature”. I include subtle because Sorcery does not always act in grandiose or miraculous ways but the focus has to be on both Metaphysical & Spiritual methodologies. The goal of a real Witch or Sorcerer is always results oriented Magic.

You have a different approach to cursing, and the famous Three-Fold Law of Return. (Any energy you send out shall return to you three-fold. The one law in witchcraft considered like a commandment) In other words, you do not believe in Karma or Ethics in the craft.
Ethics is a touchy subject because too many want to take a sentence or two & work with it like a biblical commandment or a Constitutional law. This I believe is silly because it allows too narrow a focus when problems are rarely if anything narrowly defined. I was taught that ethics should be applied to the situation on a case-by-case basis. My one teacher gave me a present of “Situational Ethics” by Joseph Fletcher & it changed my outlook & my own philosophy.

I do not advocate using the Occult to simply bully people around simply to get your way. But there are times when Sorcery really helps because we all know there are people out there who use persuasion to manipulate others as well as money, influence, politics, friendships & more to get what they want. Is that fair? No it’s not. So what do you do if you have a land dispute with some developer trying to take your land from you & he has money, a team of lawyers & strong political influence? Run with your tail between your legs or stand up like a fighter & use every Metaphysical advantage at your disposal to take him down? For me, Sorcery is justified in this case to help equalize things.

Life isn’t fair & more often than not, people judge each other with prejudices, fears, & bigotry. Is this fair? Joe Sixpack gets a promotion because he plays golf with the boss while you bust your ass meeting deadlines & going above & beyond the call of duty and you’re just supposed to sit there & let that happen? Why? According to whom? My answer would be to get out the Bend Over oil & a purple candle and go to work on the boss!

Karma is an Eastern belief that was brought to the west by the Theosophists at the end of the late Victorian era. It’s not any sort of law but only a belief. Wiccans have foolishly adopted this belief and the result has limited their power. I refuse to adopt it as I believe Witches have the right to curse or hex when necessary. Wiccans cannot do that because they choose to adhere to a philosophy that punishes them for pushing back against the universe.

There is no evidence in any western literature or folklore, prior to the Theosophists, of any belief that remotely resembles karma. None. And I refer to karma as merely a belief instead of some immutable law because beliefs are choices. Gravity is an immutable law (as we currently understand it) but karma is only a belief.

Karma does not come back to a practitioner who has done wrong to someone; rather it is guilt that comes back to haunt the wrong doer. Simple, old fashioned guilt. This is the reason for making certain that you believe your victim is worthy of your curse because later your guilt will manifest as a psychological complex and cause you all manner of inner trouble. As a Sorcerer you want your conscience free of guilt and fears so that you can act when it is necessary.

The so called ‘Three Fold Return’ is also a limiting belief that is utter nonsense in my opinion. It’s a personal choice whether to believe in it or not. It is the Wiccan version of ‘Hell Fire & Damnation’ because they believe that if you do evil to someone, even if they truly deserve it, then it will come back on you. Funny though that this ‘3 Fold Return’ never works on anything but Metaphysics.

Think about it. Thoughts are considered to be powerful, are they not? Yet if you lust in your heart for another’s spouse, you are doing something that is considered to be a no-no in the Metaphysical community. Repeatedly imagining having sex with someone else against their natural desires is a form of Magic that most likely will end up causing the couple to break up.


Your thoughts send out waves of energy to the Macrocosmic Universe (that which is outside of us). Some see this as energy, others see it as Auras & the Golden Dawn refer to it as our Sphere of Sensation. Still the point is what you think about, you eventually become. That is fact & something that goes back in history to great thinkers & philosophers.

Some consider that what you think about as an all consuming desire only affects yourself but no man is an island unto himself. We come into contact with others on a regular, daily basis and our Aura is super-charged with these selfish-thoughts that get passed onto others. Thus the woman who you consistently fantasize about and want gets your thoughts implanted into her subconscious, Metaphysically, and before you know it that seed is sprouting.

So have you done harm even though you have not formally cast a spell? Many would say yes. So should you be like an aesthetic, guarding your thoughts at all times? Well some would argue yes however my take is that we’re all human & such thoughts are too common to continually worry about. We all have enough on our plate to worry about in our day to day lives & do not need any further guilt to muck it up even more.

Makes perfect sense. Is that also what makes the difference between black magic and white magic? Or is this just a Wiccan rule, which is not present in all schools of witchcraft?
In truth there is no such thing as black or white Magic - there is only Magic which can be used to heal or harm. A syringe is a tool that can inject either poison or healing medicine - the choice to use it for good or ill rests with the practitioner.

This whole karma & Three Fold Return rule got their hold in the early 1970's when after sensationalist movies like ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ depicted Witches as evil, Satanic worshiping monsters. Some Witches had a knee-jerk reaction & they banded together to create their own American Council of Witches with their creed & rules that they foolishly expected anyone else who called themselves a Witch to adhere too. What arrogance.

This so-called council feared reprisal from the Judeo-Xian public. The Witches (who began referring to themselves as Wiccans in the hopes it would distance themselves from the term Witch) let their fears of another 1690's Salem Witch Trails. Thus the Wiccans chose to give up a measure of their power by proclaiming they never use black magic, believe in karma & began saying there was a law of three fold return or boomerang effect for Magic.

Funny though that in other Magical-Religious systems like the African Traditional Religions (such as Vodu, Santeria, Candomble, Quimbanda, Palo, Macumba, Ifa, and etc) there is no belief in karma or three fold return. If it is a universal law, doesn’t it apply to everyone across the board? Well it doesn’t because both are only beliefs.

Your average Wiccan is a white, middle class person running around with a lot of guilt. Most (not all) Wiccans I’ve known have this inner guilt over what their ancestors have done to other races and so many Wiccans today take up political causes for minorities in an attempt to appeal their own inner guilt complexes. But to keep themselves in check, they cling to the imaginary beliefs of karma & 3 fold returns.

I’ve met Santeras, Paleros & Houngans who feel Wiccans are silly for limiting their power by believing in imaginary concepts like karma & three fold return. If child services comes & takes away the children of a Hispanic mother, do not think for a moment that she will refuse to entreat her Orishas against the person who took them yet her Wiccan counterpart would fear doing such a thing because of karma or 3 fold return.

And since most Wiccans are recovering Xians, they tend to like the black & white approach because it is comfortable to them. Xianity sees things either of the Lord or of the Devil - no in between. Wiccans do the same thing & it takes most of them a long time before they come to the realization that there are a LOT of grays between the white & black. Some Wiccans never discover those grays.

What are the most common spells you usually cast? What about the most complex or dangerous ones you have done so far… and what were the success rates? Do you invoke demons or certain deities for example?
The most common I cast are Uncrossing spells for clients. Most of them have crossed conditions which affect their lives & the lives of those around themselves. By casting an Uncrossing, I seek to remove the veils that obscure clear vision so the target can see things as they really are & thus make their own decisions to deal with their problems.

After that, I’d say Success Spells for business clients who are in business either as sales people, retail stores or online e-commerce businesses.

Complex spells? Rare is the case that comes to me that isn’t already complex! Most of the simple & easy cases get snatched up by other practitioners - usually those of lesser experience. Then when they screw up a situation (often by making it worse) the frustrated client seeks me out as a last resort. They pay me a lot of money to help them fix these sorts of problems.

Sometimes I get Wiccans, Paleros, Witches & MagicKians who come to me to help them with situations which they’ve worked on but could not rectify with their magic. Most often I simply act as a consultant in such matters for these practitioners. They’re looking for me to help them figure out why what they did is not having the desired effect.

The most dangerous rituals I’ve performed have been some of the primitive NPE’s (Non-Physical Entities) I’ve summoned through grimoire Spirits. Primitive & uncultured Spirits are the most dangerous simply because they are liable to take offense at any small slight as well as do anything at a whim. Most of these primitive Spirits take everything you say at face value & you have to make certain the wording of the request is precisely what you want, otherwise like the story of the Monkey’s Paw you can end up with total disaster.

As for success rates, I get the occasional failure usually because I missed something crucial or I’m meddling in something I should not be. You can’t have 100% success and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. Sometimes the Spirits themselves miss things. *shrugs*

Yes I have regular dealings with Gods & Goddesses, Saints, LWA, Orisha, Celestial & Cthonic Spirits as well as the Four Elemental Rulers.

Fascinating...Do you also usually do some sort of divination, like with the Tarot cards for example, to see the outcome of your spells?
Absolutely! I preach that to my Apprentices all the time. I also recommend a practitioner learn how to use the Astragals which is a system of sortilege to interact with Spirits using a pair of six sided dice & a cloth mat with a circle drawn on it. The question is asked & the dice are shook then rolled at the circle. Depending on how the dice land will give you a succinct Yes or No answer. By using this, you can go through a process of elimination to determine what is needed in a spell or ritual according to a Spirit.

Do you have your own familiars? Have you created any magickal entities? If so what are their names, how are they housed etc…
Familiars? Yes. I have a Head Spirit that I was baptized with in Haitian Vodu, plus the seven other Spirits the Houngan gave to me thus making me a Houngan Asogwe. I also have Moloch, Tiriel & a few others I’ve acquired over the years.

I have learned the names of my Natal Daimon & Angel that I was born with through a method outlined in Agrippa’s “Three Books of Occult Philosophy”. I have never gone through the Abramelin ritual to discover my Holy Guardian Angel because I do not have six (let alone eighteen) months to spare for such an experiment.

The Magical entities I create are called ‘Thralls’ which are mindless, created NPE’s for a specific task. These NPE’s do not think for themselves but are programmed to carry out a specific set of instructions. Servitors tend to be more intelligent than a Thrall.

I have four Lieutenant Thralls I created & gave intelligence to back in 1990. I have fed them over the years with sexual energy as well as personal rites of drawing power & even candle devotions to boost their power for more difficult tasks. Each Lieutenant has two subordinate Thralls, also intelligent, who carry out orders & manage the dozens of simplistic Thralls I’ve created as my private army of Spiritual servants.

I teach my students to give their Thralls unique names so that they cannot be easily discovered using Divination or Clairvoyant rival practitioners. For instance a unique name could be “TransXB175". Then they have specific codes to activate & deactivate them which are programmed into their matrices so that the Sorcerer has full control over them.

They can be housed in a wide variety of ways such as using small pewter figurines or even geometric shapes of metal or wood. The house for the Thrall is properly prepared then the Thrall is instructed to move in. A simple home for a Thrall can be a match box with a seal of the Thrall painted inside. It can then be carried around with the Sorcerer in his/her pocket & called upon to act at a moment’s notice.

Are the long rituals necessary to be an effective witch? This is often what makes a novice get bored after a while, and give up.

Magic is a complex subject. The problem with the absurd complexity that many Magical systems use is that many MagicKians want to over-complicate it with all sorts of absurd things like you have to use wooden matches to light candles (when a butane lighter will work); you have to use your left hand to write a positive intent & your right hand for a negative intent (when you should simply use your dominant writing hand); and candles have to be pinched out instead of blown out (when a simple snuffer solves that problem).

PEOPLE make Magic overly complex. Spirits may tell me I need to do a complex ritual to fix Joe Sixpack’s career. This is determined by Divination & Sortilege. The Spirit can see things we cannot. This is why often a simple, generic spell such as “Crown of Success” will not work for a client seeking a raise, promotion or advancement in his career. I prefer to interview the Spirits, ask them what I should do & then simply do it.

Sometimes the Spirits tell me I only need to obtain X & Y then do Z to make it happen; other times they may tell me I need to obtain A, C, J, K, L, X & Y to get Z. It’s rarely ever simple though. Sorcery takes knowledge, wisdom & effort to make it happen. For those who are truly lazy, they may want to simply make a regular habit of working with their imagination on the same thing over & over until they get the desired result they seek.

One of our staff members is from Ghana, a country that is known for the Juju craft still quite present to this date. What can you tell us about that, and have you experimented with it? What about voodoo dolls, are these just part of pop culture or do they really work?

Doll Sorcery or Image Magic is quite potent & it has its own set of rules. In Hoodoo, dolls are used quite frequently with some rules that must be adhered to such as the need to use Spanish moss. It’s not the ingredients that make the Doll Sorcery potent but rather the links to the victim that count. If you can get some blood from the victim on a napkin or maybe a used tissue (they’ve used to blow their nose with) from a trash can, you have a strong link to the individual. Put that in the doll, name it, baptize it in the victim’s name & you have a powerful link to do good or ill to the person. Remember dolls can be used to do GOOD to a target too! Many dolls are used for healing, giving good luck, gambling, protection & so on.

Can you share with our readers a simple spell they could try out? Maybe for love or money for example.
Certainly. Take a wallet sized picture of Saint Expedite & on the back of it write your name & what it is you desire. Put this on a plain white plate... Continue reading the instructions under How to Cast an Easy Magic Spell.

The spell sounds relatively easy to do; hopefully some readers will give it a try, Thank You. Anything else you would like to ad? How can people contact you for readings?

Yes in closing, I’d like for everyone to remember I have dedicated my life to the practice of Sorcery & to the research & study of the Occult. I’ve gotten where I am because I dedicated myself to the art & practice. This is not a hobby for me, it is a lifestyle. I’ve sacrificed a LOT to get to where I am. I’ve spent thousands of dollars to accumulate a library of reference books, taken courses, classes in shops & paid teachers to teach me some of their best & most effective techniques. Much of the most powerful things I’ve not learned in books but directly from the Spirits themselves.
If you decide you want to learn Sorcery, you need to be patient & persevere in the face of adversity much like Thomas Edison did while he was researching the filament for the light bulb. It took him over 10,000 tries before he got it right. There is much to be learned in failures because you learn what doesn’t work. But Sorcery & Magic are not sciences but rather forms of art. Approach either using a scientific attitude of research, hypothesis, experimentation & noting results then refining it & conducting the experiment all over again and note the result.

Thank you for choosing me for your interview. I can be contacted through my website,

Thank you again for doing this interview, and for sharing all this valuable information with us.

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