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Country: Lebanon

Monthly publication that streamlines the recruiting process by acting as an intermediary between job seekers, recruiters and hiring companies.

Job Magazine, October 2006Jobs Online Now:406Oct, 07, 2006---- UsernamePassword ----Front Page Articles (view full article)Ten Common Mistakes... Each job seeker who comes to me in need of r?m?diting or job search counseling is unique. Each has had a different career and each carries individual goals for the future. That being said, many of them make the same mistakes on their cover letters and r?m?as they travel the job search highway. Here are the ten most common mistakes I encounter: 1. quot;Insert Job Here quot;: Most job seekers are looking broadly at any available position that fits within their interests and skills set. Therefore, they send out undirected r?m?and, even worse, form cover letters... ARCHIVEFront Page Articles (view full article)Ageism at the Interview For many job seekers, the interview is the most difficult part of the job search process because of its impact on the hiring decision.An interview is similar to a sales meeting, only youre forced into an unfamiliar marketing position where youre both the salesperson and product. You usually have less than half an hour to convince the interviewer that youre the best... ARCHIVE By The Editor (view full article) Mid-Life Career CrisisThese days the concept of a quot;mid-life crisis quot; has become a bit of a clich?Yet to millions ofworkers in their 40s and 50s, a career crisis, often characterized by a lingering quot;dead quot; sensation or the sudden realization that quot;things arent working anymore, quot; is all too real. The crisis, according to experts, can be triggered by many things, including a layoff, a divorce, loss of a loved one, or pent-up frustrations. At certain ages, we get wake-up calls, which covers mid-career transitions.Its important to heed those calls, but also to do it in a way that makes sense for the individual. For some people that means making an immediate, dramatic change; for others, it means slower, incremental change.Dont burn bridges when you do leave your current job. If you have no clue where to turn next, you should listen to yourself and others for ideas. For example, analyze compliments people make about you. Think about who you envy, and brainstorm about what you want your world to look like in the morning when you wake up. To get out of a rut, you need to explore, talk and dream bigger, avoid making rash decisions. This is not the time to leap without looking... ARCHIVEBy Title By Author----Profile | Distribution | Articles | Personality Test | Advertise | FAQDesigned amp; Powered by Cunning Web Development

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