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Country: Lebanon

Collection of Lebanese banknotes about Lebanon.

CurrencyGallery: LebanonAsiaIndexWorldIndexBanknotesfor SaleConsignmentListBanknotesWantedNoteEvaluationBanknoteGradingPrinters amp; MintsNumismaticBooks--webbotbotHTMLMarkup startspan ----webbotbotHTMLMarkup endspan --Cat#DescriptionImageLB-261 Livre 1.9.1939 (Columns of Baalbek)[Obverse] [Reverse]LB-345 Piastres 15.7.1942 (cedar tree)[Obverse] [Reverse]LB-551 Livre 1952-64 (boats, ruins)[Obverse] [Reverse]LB-565 Livres 1964 (courtyard, snowy mtns.)[Obverse] [Reverse]LB-611 Livre 1980 (ruins, cavern)[Obverse amp; Reverse] LB-625 Livres 1978 (footbridge, gallery,buildings)[Obverse amp; Reverse] LB-6310 Livres 1986 (Ruins of Anjar,rocks)[Obverse amp; Reverse] LB-6425 Livres 1983 (citadel, ruins)[Obverse amp; Reverse] --webbotbotHTMLMarkup startspan ----webbotbotHTMLMarkup endspan --LB-6550 Livres 1988 (Temple of Bacchus)[Obverse amp; Reverse] LB-66100 Livres 1988 (Palais Beit-ed-din)[Obverse amp; Reverse]LB-67250 Livres 1988 (Ruins at Tyras)[Obverse amp; Reverse]LB-691000 Livres 1992 (map, ruins,building)[Obverse amp; Reverse] LB-715000 Livres 1995 (geometric designs,bar code)[Obverse amp; Reverse] LB-7220000 Livres 1994 (geometric designs,bar code)[Obverse] [Reverse]LB-7350000 Livres 1995 (cedar tree,artistic boats)[Obverse] [Reverse]LB-7610000 Livres 1998 (geometric designs;bar code)[Picture amp; Info]LB-7750000 Livres 1999 (cedar tree; boats)[Picture amp; Info]LB-78100000 Livres 1999 (cedar tree;grapes)[Picture amp; Info]LB-795000 Livres 2001 (geometric designs)[Picture amp; Info]--webbotbotHTMLMarkup startspan ----webbotbotHTMLMarkup endspan ----webbot botHTMLMarkup startspan ----webbotbotHTMLMarkup endspan --The following linkswill lead you away from Dont forget tobookmark this page or to memorise and remember quot;BANKNOTES.COM quot;:Country Info | Photos of Lebanon | History of Lebanon

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