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Country: Lebanon

Website of the Software Institute at the Lebanese American University LAU.

Home /Centers amp; Institutes /L.A.U. Lebanon has the potential to develop its software industry (and services) in order to make it regionally competitive and internationally visible. The software and information technology sectors can be important components of any national economic development plan. However, realizing Lebanon #146;s potential depends on a number of policies and conditions. The Software Institute aims to help fulfill these conditions.Objectives To promote and disseminate modern software engineering (SE) practices and recent software technology.To support the Lebanese software industry.To provide advanced and continuing education.To support research and development on software engineering and innovative applications.Functions and ActivitiesProvide training on modern SE practices, programming methodologies, and software technology.Facilitate software know-how / technology transfer.Encourage and support university-software industry cooperation.Serve as a data bank and a resource center for subjects and activities pertaining to the software industry.Act as a catalyst for policy development on issues pertaining to the advancement of the software industry.Facilitate and maintain networking among CSE academiciansProvide facilities for research and development in software engineering and application. Home / Centers amp; Institutes / Lebanese American UniversityLast Modified Nov. 8, 2001

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