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Country: Lebanon

Arabic business magazine published in Lebanon by Dar Al Sayad. Provides insightful news and information related to business and management issues in the Arab world.

Home:Publications: Al IdariINTRODUCTIONSince its launch in 1975, AL IDARI, (The Manager), has established itself as the authoritative voice on business and management issues in the Arab world.During the past 29?years, Arab?managers in the Gulf region have progressed into senior positions, replacing expatriates both in the private and publicsectors. These Arab CEOs, CFOs, managers and decision makers are our readers. Every month, AL IDARI provides them with accurate and insightful news and information to make decisions effectively. Written in Arabic by professional journalists, AL IDARI speaks the global language of business.As the importance of Arab managers grew, so has the number of our subscribers. The latest audited circulation figure for AL IDARI is32682 copies per month, (ABC January - June2004), making it one of the most successful Arabic business monthly magazines.The following pages illustrate what makes AL IDARI successful: up-to-date editorial news coverage, top quality readership, and most importantly AL IDARIs cost effective advertising rates.Succeed by getting your message?to the top Arab managers and businessmen.Advertise in AL IDARI.The Magazine ArabsTrus tEventhough it might sell, hearsay is not our business.Because Assayad sticks to the hard facts, people have been reading it for over 60 years.And in the turbulent Middle East, Assayad is respected throughout the Arabworld for its reporting and analysis. Our politics, which have never changed, are about journalism andfacts. Moreover, Assayad was the first newsweekly that had a pan-Arab audience. Today we inform and entertainmore than 76192 Arabs from the Gulf, the Levant and North Africa.Based in Beirut, Assayad has offices and correspondents in Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Damascus, Amman, London, Paris, Washington, and New York.Our editorial focuses on Arab (30 percent) and Lebanese (20 percent) political, social, and economic news. We also have extensive coverage on international issues, the arts, entertainment, and lifestyle trends, (cars, boats, planes, fashion, etc.)EditorialCoverage | Readership Profile | Circulation| Advertising Rates | MechanicalData media pack 2005

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