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Address: 4-B, Attibele Industrial Area, Hosur Road,

Country: India

Telephone: +918027820542

Fax: +918027820463

We are pioneers in the design, manufacturing and development of High tensile, high impact, plasticized PVC threaded pipes.

We are pioneers in the design, manufacturing & development of High tensile, high impact, unplasticised PVC threaded pipes in sizes 1 to 5inch for use as Drop / Riser pipes with submersible bore hole pumps up to depth of 1000 ft.
ASHIRVAD an ideal replacement of Galvanized Pipes (G.I) and HDPE pipes in the erection of submersible pump sets. The features in our Column/ drop / Raiser Pipes are:

a) Non Corrosive, High-Tech & High Tensile hence long life
b) Easy installation & Cost saver
c) BI-AX TECHNOLOGY: Bi-Axially oriented technology in extrusion for Extra
Tensile strength & impact strength
d) WIRELOCK: Unique collar locking systems Design Registered, Patent registered in India & filed for protection in 22 countries.
e) Specially designed Rings for anti vibration and sealing system

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