Maryvette Lair

Maryvette Lair

Gender: Female

Nationality: France

Job Title: Singer

Maryvette Lair is a French singer and actress.

Maryvette Lair became known after taking part in the Talent show X Factor 2011 France. She was Fanoos' favorite candidate in X factor as she was already a finished product ready to sign with a record label; She has her very own universe and unique unclassifiable style, and sings equally well in acoustic Jazz or in electo-pop tracks! She was however voted out on Tuesday 21 June and left in Third place.

The final face-off was between Matthew Raymond-Barker and Marina D Amico.

Maryvette Lair comes from a family of entertainers in the Circus Business. She is noted for her strong yet sweet presence on stage. Although she was originally a professional trapezist, she has made a very strong impression and is expected to soon become a famous actress and singer. With a strong Music Hall background, she has taken part in many shows across France.

Maryvette Lair's voice and style is classic Jazz; She is influenced by singers such as Aaron Copland, The Beach Boys, Ella Fitzgerald, Jacques Verrières, Boris Vian, Catherine Ringer, Claude Debussy, ZAZIE, Magalie Noël, The Beatles, Edith Piaf, Prince, Henri Salvador, Gil Scott Heron, and Chic.

In an exceptional performance on 7th of June, Maryvette Lair did the impossible! She sang the epic song Déshabillez-moi (Juliette Gréco) while swinging on a trapeze and sometimes even hanging upside down!

After she was voted off X Factor, Maryvette Lair promised her fans she would return very soon with a new project (a single or a full album).

Maryvette Lair Professional Background:

Aerial Dance 2006-2003 (Valerie Dubourg), vertical dance (Bruno Dizien), contemporary dance, ballet and jazz (Valerie Chiodi) -
2002-2000 Ballet and tap dance - Rockland
2000-1994 Ballet School - Marais
2008-2006 International School Béatrice Brout (Theater) - Philippe Lelièvre, Soren Prevost
Since 2002 Labour diction and comedy - Edited by Jacques Verrières
2006-2003 School of Contemporary Arts Academy Fratellini-Circus - Trapeze and swing sets, rope, aerial silk, unicycling, juggling, stunts, riding
2001-1994 School Fratellini Annie - Cirque
2008-2000 CNR La Courneuve, Paris Conservatoire 15th - Classical Vocal (Mezzo Soprano)
2002-1990 CNR La Courneuve - classical piano, music theory and harmony

Maryvette Lair in Music Hall:
2008 Trio Pepper and Salt - J. Canopies
Little Gym
2008 Comedy untitled (Lorca) - Yorick Co.
Theater, dance, fabric.
Daedalus 2007 (Laurent Gachet) - Laurent Gachet
2006 Do you see me? - Sylvie Chenus
Solo swinging trapeze and comedy
Karacena 2006 - Laurent Gachet and Jean-Yves Pénafiel
Leading role: trapeze, comedy and jazz singing
2005 Dinner for cello and vocals (co-authored with Francesca Lattuada)
2005 Make me bad
Singing, trapeze and cello
2002-1989 Peanut, Harlequin has lost its colors, 3.4, you snap your fingers (Co. of Orange Street) - Shows for children
2002-1989 The memory of grandma Felicia, A Gallic trumpet, Edith and Django - Adult Entertainment.

Maryvette Lair in Theater:
We pass hui in 2008 days (S. Guitry)
Role: Actress
Temple Theater
2008 Sunday (J.M Ribes)
Role: daughter
Temple Theater

Maryvette Lair in Television:
2008 Martin Martin - TV series

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