Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

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Gender: Female

Nationality: Australia

Kylie Minogue is a star by all means. Today she holds a position in the music world rarely ever been spotted before. Kylie started as a significant recording artist back in the 1988 and as an actress in the 1981.

Kylie Minogue has a special desire to reinvent, improve and innovate.

Kylie is simply irreplaceable. Basically she remains untainted and fresh as the day she came into the spotlight. Today and after her breast cancer diagnosis she is more alive, with more drive and knowledge than ever before.

Kylie released nine albums up to this date, with more than 40 hit singles - many of which are considered as today's pop classics.

Seven songs were number 1's in the UK alone, as well as a whole host of long-play videos and DVDs, greatest hits, live packages, and remix compilations. In addition to this these successful events, she has excellent roles in both television and movies of the past and today.

Kylie is free of Ego with a drive for performance and fame. Best of all, with her strong and endearing personality she makes her fans adore her and the media fascinated by her work. She is truly a unique icon in this century.

When you look a deeper into her you will discover that despite the fortune and millions of records sold, you will find that she has no idea of how many records she sold, or even how many years she has been doing all this for. She simply continues to give and give her art at no limits. Her cancer diagnosis did not stop her one day from thinking about music; she is recovering from her breast cancer and is expected to hit the track back in baby steps as she explains.

Talking about Kylie in just few lines is no easy task; this mini-biography is an attempt to give credit to this artist in just few lines.

We shall be producing a Complete Biography of this artist so if you have relevant material, please send it to include in our upcoming biography of Kylie.

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