Kaspar Capparoni

Kaspar Capparoni

Gender: Male

Nationality: Italy

Kaspar Capparoni is an Italian actor, known as Lorenzo Fabbri from the cult TV-series ‘Inspector Rex’.

Kaspar Capparoni, also written Gaspare Capparoni, was born on August the 1st of 1964. After theatre, Kaspar starred for the first time on the big screen in ‘Phenomena’, a film directed by Dario Argento in 1984. However, Capparoni is mostly known as a TV-soap celebrity, appearing in series like ‘Ricominciamo’ (2000), ‘Piccolo mondo antico’ , ‘Incantesimo 4’ (2001), ‘Elisa di Rivombrosa’ (2003), ‘La caccia’ (2005)…

Following the Italian series ‘Capri’ (2006), Capparoni’s biggest breakthrough came with ‘Inspector Rex’, originally a popular Austrian-made police television drama starring a German shepherd Rex. Kaspar Capparoni actually only joined the crew in 2008, when ‘Commissario Rex’ relocated to Rome. He played the Chief Inspector Lorenzo Fabbri.

His fame went transatlantic thanks to the success of the series that managed to conquer markets as far away as Australia!

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