Adam Sabbagh

Adam Sabbagh

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Actor

Adam Sabbagh is the pseudonym used by Ahmad Sabbagh for his career in Hollywood as an actor and model.

Adam Sabbagh was born in London. In his home country Lebanon, he won the titles of Mister Arab 2008 and Mr Lebanon Manhunt International 2008. He then moved to the USA where he gradually become a famous personality as an emerging actor and model for international brands; He is often seen mingling with A-list celebrities in mediatised events. There are photos of Adam with Paris Hilton, Cindy Crawford and Lindsay Lohan.

In 2011, Adam bought the porche car of David Bekham for more than $ 270,000; The news made its way to the Hollywood and made this star famous further more.

As an actor, Adam Sabbagh embodied the sexy doctor "Kevin Hourani" in "THE BAY: the Series". He was also casted in the horror feature film “Mansion of Blood” which will be released in 2012.

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