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Industrial Goods Trade and Services in Lebanon

4ab Consulting
A.a.t. (architectural Aluminium Technics) Sal
A.j.b. Hightech Lebanon - S.a.r.l
A.r.jubaili and Co.
A.s.c. (automation and Security Company Sarl)
Aamar Engineering and Construction Co. Sarl
Abboud Gabriel S. Trading Est
Abc Telecom
Abdallah G. Ets.
Abdullah Yusuf Fakhro Corporation
Abi Khalil Ets.
Abi Rached Est.
Abniah Engineering And Contracting Sarl
Abou Jaber Trading Co.
Absi Co.
Abu Saleh Amin Company and Sons
Acfa Antoine Coussa Factory
Adam Bros Communication
Adel Miski Co
Afak-general Contractors
Akl Michel Bureau Detudes
Al Ansari Group
Al-jishi Corporation W.l.l.
Alcatel Contracting - Lebanon Branch
Alinox Sarl
All Steel Sal
Almabani Liban Sarl
Almo Trade Sarl
Altamoda - Fayez Tahtouh
Altec S.a.r.l. - Aluminium Technique
Alubatec Sal
Alumode Aluminium
Alusystem S.a.r.l.
Alusystem Sarl
Amatoury Sarl
Amex Electronics
Amira Al Roastery
Antoine A. Osta And Sons Oteco Trading And Contracting Sarl
Aoun Freres
Aoun Imad Ayoub
Aour Amine - Middle East Foods Sal
Aqua Molding
Aquamana Trading Co.
Aquatech Engineering And Contracting Sarl
Arakji Adnan Est.
Arbajian Bros.
Arcache Gallery
Arcan Sarl
Arkan Trading Est.
Arleva S.a.r.l.
Armobel For Industry and Trade
Arsana S.r.o. Ltd. - Representative Office
Asbury Lebanon Sarl
Ascenseurs Du Liban Sal
Asmar Elias Ch.ets Sal
Asnaf Husseini Group
Asnaf Husseini Group S.a.r.l.
Assaf Pour La Peinture Ets.
Assaid Stores Sarl
Assergio Co.
Asswad Group - S.a.r.l
Atalium Est.
Attoue Freres
Audio - Pro - Charbel Karam Sarl
Automation and Controls Sarl
Away Travel
Azar Antoine and Associes - S.a.r.l
Azar Jean
Baassiri General Trading Co.
Baba Samir Toys
Badaro Antoine (les Fils)
Badawi Bros
Bahrain National Gas Company (b.s.c)
Bakara Investments
Bakhos Georges Co. For Trading and Contracting (geobaco Ltd.)
Baljian Antranik and Sons
Baltaji Group General Trade and Construction Sarl
Barake Samir
Barbanel Liban Sal
Bardawil and Co.- Construction Equipment and Materials Sarl
Bardawil Specialities Sarl
Batco - Badawi Azour Trading and Contracting Co. Sarl
Baydoun Brothers (adnan and Mohammad)
Baydoun For Commerce and Industry
Beainou Ayoub and Sons Co.
Beeco Speech and Hearing Center
Belmark Sarl
Bema Trading Co. - Beshara M. Malaab
Berytus (construction and Development Co.) Sarl
Beydoun Fire Equipment Sarl
Beyrouth Courses S.a.l.
Bifem Paralu Sarl
Bilad For Engineering and Contracting Sarl
Bimad Co. Sarl
Biolab Instruments L.l.c.
Bittar Michel T. and Co. - Manufacturer Of Elevator Eqpt. - Metal Doors and Frames
Blue Way Sal
Bocti Fouad and Co. - Ara Co.
Bonian Al International S.a.r.l
Bou Karam
Bou Khalil International Sal
Bou Raad Elias and Co. Sarl
Bouez Travel Agency
Boustany Industrial Supplies (b.i.s)
Boutros Michel Co. The Sons Of
Bricc - Blocks and Roads International Construction Co. Sarl
Broadcast and Communication Systems Sal (bcs)
Bureau Darchitecture Interieure - Aziz Rubeiz
Bureau Detudes Techniques - Noel Abou Hamad
Business Development Group W.l.l.
Butec Sal
Byblos Construction Company - B.c.c. Sal
Byblos Intl For The North Africa
C.b.a. Sarl
Cadres Sarl - Eng. Ziad K. Hajjar
Capelec Liban Sal
Capital Construction Sal
Carat Middle East
Caretek S.a.l
Carosserie Adelfi
Carrelli Studio
Casa Kara
Cedar Environmental
Cedar Motor Trading Co. S.a.l (international Truc
Cedar Plast. Sarl.
Cesar Debbas and Sons
Chaer Bros Co. - Cbc
Chafic Dagher Est.
Charlie Services Sarl
Chedid Rita
Chehab Technical Company - C.t.c.
Chehade Trading Est.
Chemical and Industrial Supplies Co. Sarl - Cisco
Chemico Sarl
Chip - Creative Hardware For Integrated Products Sarl
Chouchani Robert
Chouman Ayman and Brothers Co.
Ciment De Sibline
Cimenterie Nationale Sal
Clear Shield Glass Technology - Lebanon Sarl
Click Services
Cloisall M.e.
Comat Sarl
Comptoir Scientifique
Consolidated Contractors Company Sal
Consolidated Engineering and Trading Co. Sal
Construction and Development
Contracting Trading Inco. C.t.i.
Contractors Sarl
Coperon Technologies
Cordahi J.a. Est.
Corpotrade Sarl
Cosema Co.
Cotrac S.a.r.l
Cottage - Bed and Window Sarl
Cristal Aluminium Sarl
Cross Road Stationers Sarl
Crown Flour Mills
Dana Al
Dantziguian Sal
Daouk Izzat and Sons Est.
Dar Cit S.a.l
Data and Communication Systems Sarl
Decibel Sarl
Deco-dar Sarl
Decomat Ets.
Development and Construction Company (d.c.c.)
Diapaper Sal
Dib Georges Ets.
Dimensions Ltd
Division 8
Diyar Consultants Sarl
Doha Instrumentation Company Limited
Domiciles For Engineering and Contracting
Doummar Freres Sarl
Dynamics Concept Sarl
E.n.ka Group - Etablissemant Nasri Karkafi Group
Eastern Scientific Company (esco) Sarl
Ed Zublin Ag - Foreign Company Branch
Edil Construction
Edrafor Sal
El Donio Belts - Joseph Michel
Electro Tec Sarl
Electronic Money Corporation S.a.l.
Emco Lebanon
Emtra Co. S.r.l.
Encocorp Sarl
Eppa General Trading Co. Sarl
Equip Sarl
Estephan Co. Contracting and Trading Sarl
Etka - S.a.r.l
Ets Emile Saad and Bros
Ets. Industriel De Peinture and Vernis
Etude Et Entretien
Europtima Middle East
Euroteam Logistic
Exit Architectural Hardware
Feghali Group For Real Estate and Engineering and Contracting
Flocontrols Sarl
Fredy Collection Ets.
Freiha Sons Est.
Future Travel Sarl
G. Helou and Co.
G.e.a.c - General Enterprise And Architectural Co.
Gatico Sarl
Gazzaoui Rafic and Co. S.a.l.
Geagea Rachid Architecte Dinterieur
Geahchan Gebran and Sons Sal
Ged-ghanem Electronic Devices Sarl
General Bearings Services Co. Sarl (gbs)
General Design Co. Sarl
General Electrical Est.
General Packaging Industries Sarl
General Security Sal
Ghanem Bros and Co. Library and Stationery
Ghazarian Bros Co. ( Industry and Commerce
Ghosn and Hajj Co.
Gis - General Industrial Services Sarl
Gitco - International Group For Trading and Contracting Sarl
Goodman - Amana Regional Office
Green Dot
Gss General Surveying Services Sarl
Guibinian Sahag and Sons Enterprise
H.b.m. Investment Co. Sarl
Habre Michel and Co.
Haddad Bags Manufactury
Haddad Enterprises
Hagopian Ets.
Hamade Trading Company
Hamdan Said and Sons Est.
Handles - S.a.r.l
Hanna and Katerji - Khaled Katerji and Co.
Happiness Est. For Com. and Industry
Harb Ali Et Fils
Harb Hassan Est. Engineer
Hassanein For Commerce And Industry Co. Sarl
Hassib Dergham and Sons ( Graphic Arts Services )
Hatem Pour Lameublement Ste.
Hechaime Factories Sal
Hennaoui Nabil G.
Hi-fi Service Sarl
Hi-tec Cements Sarl
Hilco - Walid and Jihad Hilal Co. (leather Goods Manufacturing)
Holzform Sarl
Home Craft
Honein Adel and Sons Co. Sarl
I.b.d International Business Development Sal
I.c.m.g Liban (intl Consultants and Management Group) Sarl
Icas (international Company For Advanced Systems) Sarl
Ideal Enterprises M.e
Ideko - The Industrial Engineering Co. Sarl
Imatec - Industrial Materials and Technics Sarl
Imperial Tours and Travel Sarl
Industrial Control and Automation Sarl
Industrial Electro-mechanics Eng. Robert Bassile S.a.r.l.
Inshaa Al For Contracting and Trading
Insulco - Enerman Sarl
Inter Arab Est.
Intercontinentale Dexpansion Economique (liban) Ste.
Intermetals and Trading Ltd.
International Equipment and Spares
Internationale De Developpement and De Construction (idc) Sal
Interproducts S.a.r.l.
Ipco - Industrial Plastic Co. Sal
Isotop Sarl
Itani Osama Sons Trading and Industrial Co. - Osamco Sarl
Iteco - Itani Bros Co. Ltd.
Jamal Hardware Center Sarl
Jean Pierre
Jihad Al Trading and Contracting Co.
Jizis Engineering Sarl
Joseph Nakhoul Customs House
Joujou Lamp Co.
Kabbara Trading and Distribution
Kahraba Engineering Sarl
Kairouz Hamid Bureau
Kaiser International Sarl
Kallas Plastic Sarl
Kanafani Amine Usines
Karagulla Engineering and General Contracting
Karam Selim Wadih Bureau De Lingenieur
Kassardjian Setrak Et Fils Sal
Kay Systems
Kazan Nicolas G.
Kehdi Trading Co. Sarl
Kettaneh Construction Sal
Kh Buisness Law Firm
Khalife Hanna Habib Et Fils Ste. Sarl
Khalifeh Computer and Office Machinery
Khatchadourian Aram A. and Sons Co. Sarl
Khawli Travel
Khoury El Rafik and Partners Consulting - Engineers
Khoury Elie and Co.
Kilzi and Co Sarl
Kilzi Jean Land Use Engineering And Management - Sarl.
Kissonergis Trading Co. Sarl
Kmeid International Sarl
Knio Mohamed A.est.
Komati El Dar For Building and Design
Koupaly - Phone
Kreik Mahmoud Soleiman Usines - (m.s.k. Factory)
La Gaviotta Sarl
Lacotra Trading and Contracting
Landmark Engineering - S.a.r.l
Le Voyageur
Leaders Engineering and Contracting
Lebanese Trading Company Letraco S.a.r.l.
Lebanon and Arab World Trading Est.
Lebanon Quality Packaging Sal
Leeds International Sal
Legend Sarl
Libamat Sal
Liban Tour International Sarl
Liban Trek S.a.l.
Libano Francaise Pour Lagro-alimentaire (l.f.a.a) - Sarl
Lifco Technical and Trading Co. Sarl
Lift Material Components - L.m.c.
Liftco Sarl
Lifts Electromechanical Co.(lemco) Sarl
Light Metal Products Sal.
Linaset Water Treatment
Lines Sarl
Loubnan Real Estate For Engineering and Construction
Ltte Co Ltd
M.f Khoury
M.f.p International S.a.r.l
M.i.p Modern Industrial Products Sarl
Maatouk Maison Du Cafe
Maaz Al Elevators and Electric Co.
Mac - Corp Sarl
Madi Camille and Co. -playtime-
Madi International Company - M.i.c.
Maftoum Sami and Samir S.a.r.l.
Magnet Ties
Mahfoud Group Sarl
Maison De La Securite Sarl
Makdessi Gregory Ets. - Atelier Mecanique
Makhazen Al Societe Sarl
Malaab Equipment S.c.s
Maliban Sal
Man Enterprise S.a.l
Mano Argenterie - Mano Haladjian Frs.
Marble and Cement Products Sal
Marketing and Construction (mac) Sal
Maroun Travel Agency
Master Metal
Matprint By Interliban
Matta Alfred
Matta Jacques
Mawarid Tradingco. S.a.r.l
Mecanix Shops Sarl
Mechanical Engineering Group
Meciv Engineering Est.
Medilase - S.a.r.l
Mediropa Company
Mediterranean Petroleum Company Sal - M.p.c
Mega - Middle East General Affairs Sal
Melki Stand
Memas S.a.r.l. - Middle East Markets and Supplies
Metal Works
Mezher Industrial Co
Middle East Technical Development Company - Tedevco
Midex S.a.r.l.
Midwest Co. Sarl
Mimari Al Sarl
Minassian Bouladian and Co.
Mitsulift And Equipment Sal
Modern Endeco
Modern Engineering and Construction Company Sarl - Modec
Modern Mills Of Lebanon Sal
Monty Mobile
Moteco - Abou Sleiman Bros.
Mouawad Paper and Boards
Mouhieddine Est. Exp - Imp.
Moujaes Wadih S.
Mourad Steel Sal
Moussallem Bros. Sarl
Moussan Jabra and Sons Sarl
Multilab S.c.s
Mytco Trading and Services S.a.r.l.
Naamani A.k and Co. Sarl
Naccache Joseph A.
Nafco Inox Sal
Nahhal Paper Co. Sarl
Najarian Boghos Ets. Industriels
Najjar Michel Ets.
Nakhal and Cie. Sarl
Nalbandian Loutfik G. and Fils - The Gallery Sarl
Nasard Elie M. Ets.
Nasra Engineering and Contracting Co.
Nassar Trading and Contracting Co. Sarl
Natcom Sarl
National Ammunition Co. Sal
National Center For Contracting N.c.c
National Industrial Chemicals Co.
Nawas Tourist Co. Sarl
New Marathon Tours
Newton Group M.e. Reinforced Plastics Industry
O.t.c.e Liban S.a.r.l. - Omnium Technique Detude De La Construction Et De Lequ
Omar Fahel and Co
Omega Paints Co. S.a.r.l
Otis Elevator Company Sal
P.a.c.e (power, Automation and Control Engineering) Sarl
Parissis Steel Engineering and Contracting Co. Sarl
Patraco Sal
Paul Mecanique Ets. - Boulos Yammine
Peters Brass Factory
Pharaon Home Appliances Sal
Pivot Trading and General Contracting - Sal
Plasti-flex (ets. H. Kassardjian)
Plexi Line Sarl
Plexi Plus Sarl
Polytechnical Sarl
Polytek - S.a.r.l
Prestige Homes Sal
Produco Sarl
Progress 2000
Progress Engineering and Trading Enterprises
Prolac Aluminium Sarl
Proman - S.a.r.l
Propaganda Middle East
Prosys - Professional Systems Sarl
Protraco Sal
Quasar Sarl - Security and Telecom
Queens Sleep Lebanon Sal
R.c. Intl Ltd Sarl
Rabbat Elie G. Sarl
Railton Company
Raphael, Azouri and Co. Sal - Rak Papier and Carton
Rasha Development and Construction Sarl
Rassem Trading Company Ltd
Rawda Trading Est. R.t.e
Rc System Sal
Ream Trading Sal
Rhesus Raad Health Co. Sarl
Richa Elevator Group Sarl
Rida International Travel and Tourism
Robert A Chartouni
Rock A Baby
Rollimpex - S.a.r.l
Roto Flexopress
Rover Road Est
Royal Technologies Trade Sarl
Run Co.
Rustica By Akl
S. and A.s. Ltd
S.e.t.s Sal - Systems Equipments Telecommunication Services
S.o.s Maisons Sarl Maintenance and Repair Company
S.p.a.c.e. Tours
S.u.b.g - Saridar United Business Group Sarl
Saade Group Sal
Sab International
Sabbagh Edward
Sabra General Trading Co. S.a.r.l.
Sacre Etablissement Pour Larchitecture Et Lentreprise
Sadaka Group Sarl
Salazarco Sal
Saleh Mohamed Est.
Salem Trading Co. - Satco Sarl
Sallaum Trading - Lebanese-swiss For Building
Saroufim Elie A. Ets.
Sayed El Engineer Office
Sbs International Sarl
Schindler Lebanon S.a.l
Scolari Sarl
Sds Engineering Sarl
Sea Bird Navigation Sarl
Seament Sal
Secaf - Sarl
Semico Successeurs De Elie Massabni Pour Lind. and Le Com.
Sfeir Anis Georges (begas)
Sfeir Bassem Est.
Shadow United Group Trading Co. Sarl
Shammas Aluminium
Shehab Trading and Industry Co. (stico) Sarl
Sidem Sal
Siderlebanon Sarl
Sidul - Societe Industrielle Du Levant Sal (minoterie Bakalian)
Sign Module System Sarl (modulex Exclusive Agent)
Silver Star Co. Sarl
Simac (societe Dimportation De Materiaux De Construction)
Simco Engineering and Trading Sarl
Simec Sarl
Sinjaba Group
Siteg Sarl
Slomia Sarl
Smatt Wood Sarl
Societe Raymond Barakeh Sal
Socnal - Ste. Nationale Daluminium Sarl
Sodicar Sarl (sikias)
Sol Et Travaux Speciaux-consultants Sarl
Soleni - Ste. Libanaise Pour Entreprises Industrielles Sal
Sotral Des Matieres De Construction Et Etancheite Sarl
Soubra A.c. and Co. Ltd.
Souliers Gerard S.n.c.
Sound And Vision Sarl
Sports Experts Co.
Srouji Nicolas For Contracting Ets.
Standard General Co. Ltd. - Stageco
Star Stationers Sal
Ste G.a.f. Pour La Construction Et Le Tourisme
Ste Nicolas Morhej - Rovina
Ste. Dentreprise Generale Et De Logement (e.g.l) Sarl
Ste. Industrielle Folda Sal (folda)
Ste. Les Dunes Immobiliere Sal
Ste. Libanaise Des Ciments Blancs Sal
Ste. Technique Pour Lindustrie Des Peaux S.t.i.p - Darwiche Freres
Step Lifts Est.
Styrofom S.c.s For Insulation Prod.
Subal Engineering
Super Brasil Co. Sal
Synergy Consulting and Trading Sarl
Synergy Electronics
Taameer - S.a.l
Tabet Fares and Fils Ets. Sal
Taleb and Co.
Tarakji For Commerce and Industry
Target Export and Consolidation
Targetti S.a.r.l.
Tatco Sarl
Technoservices Sarl
Tekna Group
Tetracom Sal
The Daily Star Fz-llc
The Lebanese Engineering Company
Tibanco Agents Of Tati In Lebanon
Torossian Ets. Lena Belts and Bags
Toyfair Sarl
Trajex Trade and Projects Sarl
Trans World Resources Ltd.
Travel Team - S.a.r.l
Trek Trading Agencies Sarl
Tri Star Group Sarl
Ufa Assurances (union Franco Arabe Dassurances Et De Reassurances, S.a.l.)
Ultimate Stone
Ultra Group International Sae
Uni Carton
Unibuild Sal
Uniclean S.a.r.l.
Unilec Sal
Unimec International
United Construction Group
United Entreprises Est.
United International Paper Ltd.
United Sat
United Telecom Co. Sarl
United Trading and Contracting Co. (nawfal and Amer) Sarl
Uniterminals S.a.l.
Usine Chimique Gebara Sarl
Valiza Est.
Vartanian Noubar Ets.
Vartenis Shoe Collection
Vega Investment Group Sal
Vent Nouveau Sarl
Verona Co. - S.a.r.l
Via Liban
Vip Travel
Vresso Ste A Sabounjian Pour Lindustrie Sal
Waked Pour Lemballage Ets.
Watco - Water Technology Company Sarl
Wazzan Al Trading and Contracting Est.
Web And Media
Wet (world Electro Technology)
White Holiday Sarl
Wild Willy
Yammine Trading Company Sarl
Ykk Middle East Sal
Younes - Myco
Zakhem Engineers Sal
Zakka Jean Fils Sal
Zarwi Kamal Est. For Trading and Contracting
Zeenni Steel Industries and Trading
Zeidan Imad and Co.
Zein Paul and Antoine Ingenieurs Conseil
Zod Security S.a.r.l