Students of Star Academy 8

Students of Star Academy 8

Below are the students who are part of Star Academy 8 or Star Academy 2011 .

Prime 1 Star Academy 8 began on the 1st of April 2011. It is good to note that April Fools'Day happen to coincide on the same date, yet LBC did not disappoint and began the reality TV talent show on Friday.

Official list of Students in Star Academy 8

Omayma Taleb (Tunisia)
Lian Bazlamit (Jordan)
Nesma Mahgoub (Egypt)
Mohammed Daqdouq (Syria)
Ahmad Izzat (Egypt)
Mohammad Al Qaq (Jordan)
Gilbert Simon (Lebanon)
Karima Ghaith (Morocco)
Sarah Farah (Syria)
Lamia Jamel (Tunisia)
Mohammed Rafe (Jordan)
Nina Abdel Malak (Lebanon)
Mohammed Rahma (Bahrain)
Mohamad Abdallah (Saudi Arabia)
Ephram Salameh (Lebanon)
Christine Saade (Lebanon)
Abdel Salam Mohamad (Kuwai)
Hussam Taha (Syria)
Yasmine Hajoul (Morocco)
Karim Kamel (Egypt)


Here is a list of other students who were nominated among the students for their talents.

The students listed below did not make it to the top 20, and hence were not part of the official students of Star Academy 8.

Saif Dinne Hmidi (Tunisia)
Sanaa Mohamed (Egypt)
Zainab Tamori (Morocco)
Ahmed Bukasha (Egypt)
Valeria Al Khoury (Lebanon)
Sami Al Zamil (SaudiArabia)
Hossam Hani Zayed (Algeria)
Sadiq Saleh (Palestine)
Sanaa Rajab (Palestine)
Myriam Takrouni (Tunisia)
Ali Al Dosari (Tunisia)

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