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Star Academy Israeli Creation

Star Academy Israeli Creation

Star Academy, an Israeli creation?

In Mid June 2011, the internet (Arabic forums especially) was flooded by an alleged interview with Star Academy creator, a certain Jewish Mister Malhom Aknov, who reveals the secret goal behind it in an interview that had previously surfaced on the net in 2008. The supposed scheme as explained by this unknown person (since he is not the official owner of Star Academy) involves corrupting the Arab Youth.
The interview with Dr. Malhom Aknov came as follows:

Q: How do you feel today after achieving your biggest wish, having Star Academy in the Muslim countries?
A: It’s an indescribable feeling... It has taken us a lot of time to reach our goal.

Q: What do you mean by that?
A: I mean that it has taken us many years to spread Star Academy in Western countries, then in Arab ones. We knew that our idea would turn into the most successful plan in the course of the Israeli state.

Q: Why were you sure of the success of this idea?
A: Because we know that Muslims nowadays have drifted away from their religion, and at the same time, Muslim youth has a tendency to adhere to Islam; if this tendency grows, it will destroy our State.

Q: Why were you keen to have Star Academy as a means to reach Muslims?
A: Because we want them to drift away from their religion.

Q: What are you planning for today to attack Islam after Star Academy?
A: We are planning for the invasion of Muslim women.

Q: Why are you targeting Muslim women instead of Muslim men?
A: Because we know that if the Muslim woman deviates, a whole generation of Muslims will follow her.

Q: How do you describe invading Muslim women?
A: Now, we are keen on attacking Muslim women and corrupting them mentally, intellectually and physically more than manufacturing tanks and warplanes.

Q: Are you involved in Star Academy Lebanon?
A: Of course, we donate a substantial amount of money to them every day, and the show is constantly under our control, either the first, second or third seasons.

Q: At the end of this interview, what do you want to say to our Israeli nation? And what do you presage for them?
A: I want to ask all Israeli intellectuals to seize the sleep of the Islamic nation, because if it ever wakes up, it can restore in years what was taken from it in centuries.

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