Mohammed Rahma

Mohammed Rahma

Gender: Male

Nationality: Bahrain

Mohammed Rahma or Mohamad Rahme is a student of Star Academy from Bahrain.

His full name is Mohammad Habib Mahmoud Rahma.
Before joining the Academy Mohammed Rahma used to study and perform singing. He previously also participated in a similar show called Najm Al Khaleej in 2009 just like Hussam Taha.

Mohammed Rahma already has a few songs of his own. He loves playing the Oud and the Guitar.

Mohammed Rahma joined Star Academy because he wanted to gain more experience and to become more popular in the Arab world.

Despite the Bahrain Protests and unrest in his home country, he moved to Beirut to take part in Star Academy 8.

Mohamad Rahme was a nominee on Prime 3 Star Academy 8, but was saved by the votes of the other students. He was nominated again for Prime 4 Star Academy 8 and was voted out of the show for good..


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