Mohamad Abdallah

Mohamad Abdallah

Gender: Male

Nationality: Saudi Arabia

Mohamad Abdallah is a candidate of Star Academy season 8 from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mohamad Abdallah is also searched as Mohammed Abdallah or Mohammed Abdullah.

Mohamad Abdallah was born in the year 1990, He lived his life in an orphanage. Mohamad was studying Marketing when he joined the Acadedmy at the age of 21.

Mohamad Abdallah has a sense of humor, and is confident of himself and his voice and talent.

Mohamad Abdallah was nominated for Prime 8 Star Academy 8 and was saved by the votes of the other students.

Mohamad was nominated in Prime 9 Star Academy 8 but was saved by the votes of his colleagues. He was nominated again in Prime 9 Star Academy 8 but this time he was voted out of the competition.

Upon his return to Mecca, the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Saudi Arabia tried to prevent him from singing at a welcome party. See Rumors and Scandals in Star Academy 8.


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