Hussam Taha

Hussam Taha

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Gender: Male

Nationality: Syria

Job Title: Singer

Hussam Taha is a student in Star Academy from Syria.

Hussam Wajih Taha is also searched for as Hosam Taha, Hossam Taha,Houssam Taha or Husam Taha.

Hussam Taha likes music and singing. He previously participated in a similar show called Najm Al Khaleej in 2009, just like Mohammed Rahma.

Hussam Taha is very handsome and is the equivalent in charm to last year's Mohamed Bash. But some were disappointed with his first appearance in Prime 1 Star Academy 8.

Before joining Star Academy, Houssam Taha worked as an event organizer in a company in Qatar. Taha
works as a DJ.

Houssam Taha was nominated to leave in Prime 4 Star Academy 8, but was saved by the votes of the other students.

Hussam was nominated again in Prime 7 Star Academy 8, but was saved by the votes of the other students.

Houssam was nominated for Prime 8 Star Academy 8, but was saved by the public.

Houssam was nominated yet again in Prime 9 Star Academy 8 and was voted out of the show.

In the year 2011, Houssam released his first single entitled Zemret Dammy which got a lot of success.

In Dec 2013, Houssam Taha released "Wenah" another successful song written by Hamad El Shafi and composed by Taha himself and arranged by Fadi Mardini.

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