Catfight in Star Academy

Catfight in Star Academy

Catfight between Karima Ghaith and Sarah Farah in Star Academy 8...

Sarah hit Karima Gouit in the backstage of Prime 4 Star Academy 8, for standing in her place during their group performance on stage. Because Sarah was forced to take a wrong location, she claimed to have received an unintentional strike by one the dancers, destabilizing her during the whole show, and of course she blamed Karima for her misfortune.

The real reason behind this grand backstage quarrel spiced with screams, insults, and hair pulling, was actually a jealousy matter that also included a boy. Sarah has been rumored to be extremely jealous of Karima, who also happen to enjoy messing with her friend on that level. It gradually became clear that the resentment the two girls felt for one another had to do with female ego and pride.

When the students returned to the Academy, Karima was very upset by the assault of her hysterical peer. Everyone tried to calm both of them. Houssam Taha was caught in the middle as Sarah doesn't want him to befriend her rival, but to stick with a girl from his own country.

In spite of the rumors Sarah launched on him (see above), Karim tried to calm her down, but was ridiculed and treated in a condescending manner. After such a reaction, he swore ' If I even see her dying, I will not care about her anymore'.

Rumors then increased of Roula's double standards and favoritism in the Academy. As it turns out, Roula knows Sarah's family very well, this is why Sarah acts as if she owns the place and everything is permissible to her.

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