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Fifth Prime of Star Academy 7

Fifth Prime of Star Academy 7

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The fifth prime of Star Academy 7 took place on Friday the 19th of March 2010.

The guests of Prime 5, were Lebanese singers Wadih El Safi and Nawal El Zoghby.

Nawal was a true diva, and she has proved to be a star for the last 15 years, she sang the song Mona Eina and Salihoni Allieh with the female students, then came back on Stage and shocked the audience with Faw2 Jrouhi Nawal New Song.

At the end of the prime one of the three nominees, Bassel Khoury from Jordan, Haitham Al Khazoum from Saudi and Mahdi Bahmed from Algeria will leave.

Mahdi got 67% and most of people votes, as for Bassel he got 27%, while Haitham got the least votes 6%, which means that saudi arabia is not voting enough in Star Academy. It comes as a surprise to see that the saudis who once topped the votes and flooded Star Academy with text votes and money, are now keeping themselves away.

In the end, most students voted for Bassel while Haitham had to leave the academy.

Hence Haitham became the fourth student to leave after Aline, Jack and Salwa from the previous primes.

It is also good to correct the confusion which hilda created when she announced that Haitham is the fifth student to leave the academy, the truth is that he is the fourth student.

Remember to watch the Prime 5 videos, including a special Wadih Safi videos Star Academy and Nawal Zoghby video in star academy.

Also make sure to watch and listen to Betrajak Tkhalihom Nawal Zoghby Video in which nawal performed for the first time during Prime 5 her new song against her exhusband, fighting for the right to her children.

You can also watch and enjoy the best of Star Academy Prime 5 Videos.

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