John Abi Chedid

John Abi Chedid

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

John Abi Chedid is a professional Lebanese volleyball player.

John Abi Chedid was born on March the 2nd 1984. He plays for the Lebanese National Volleyball Team, and has also previously played with the Finnish team Central Savon Paterin (Keski-Savon Pateri). He is currently enlisted under Anfe team, mostly in the outside reception position.
During his career, John Abi Chedid has won several championships in Lebanon, and has been elected in the National League as best player on several occasions. Younger, he was also selected as best junior player, and at 17 best youth player.

John Abi Chedid Stats:
Position: outside-reception
Height: 197cm
Weight: 97kg
Dominant Hand: right
Reach Spike: 350cm
Reach Block: 327cm

Jonh Abi Chedid Awards:
Lebanon champion (3)
Lebanon cup winner (3)
Good Spiker, nice reach

Jonh Abi Chedid Club History:
1999-2000 Andalus, Lebanon
2000-2004 Ghazir, Lebanon
2004-2007 Intilak Anfe, Lebanon
2007-2008 Pateri, Finland
2008-2009 Pateri, Finland
2009-2010 Anfe, Lebanon

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