Boxer Ahmed Samir

Boxer Ahmed Samir

Gender: Male

Nationality: Egypt

Ahmed Samir, Alias Prince of Egypt, is an Egyptian Heavyweight Boxer based in New York.

Ahmed Samir was born on the 14th of August 1984 in Alexandria, Egypt, and has pursued the sport of boxing since he was 10.

Ahmed Samir won the Gold medal at the 2007 All-African Games in Algeria, Gold medal at the Zone 5 African Championships 2007 in Egypt, Gold medal at the 2007 Arab Championships in Tunisia, Silver medal at the 2007 Arab Military Championships in Algeria and Gold medal at the 2006 Jordan International Championships.

As part of the Egyptian World Championship team, Ahmed Samir went to the US in 2007 to compete in the World Games in Chicago, and decided to settle in New York to follow a more promising professional career as a Cruiserweight class boxer.

Ahmed Samir has won many games in the US, including his first in 2008 at the Blue Horizon Philadelphia against Kamarah Pasley, and at the New Alhambra, Philadelphia against Pedro Martinez.

Boxer Ahmed Samir is not to be confused with Egyptian Singer Ahmed Samir and Egyptian Footballer Ahmed Samir (Zamalek club) and footballer Ahmed Samir Farag (Al-Ismaily team).

See also Ahmed Fahim.

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