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Viny El Roomy Video Trial

Viny El Roomy Video Trial

Title: Metli bihibak ,by Claude Barakat.

Alternative label: Let us Make a Singer Out of Viny.


Video begins with Viny at the radio station playing Frasier or Dr. Phil.

For the next scene, they couldn't find the appropriate shoes to go with the undecided semi casual suit. So Viny took matters into his own hands and went strolling bare feet in the streets looking for a good shoe shop. The director thought that this didn't look clich enough so he suggested the Titanic Lovers gesture.

The baddies positioned on the roof tops (played by underpaid technicians) started shooting at Viny with their water guns to prevent him from finding Cinderella's glass slipper, which she had dropped earlier that day. They nearly killed him there!

Then comes a sequence of iron adulation. Viny gracefully sings to the iron rim of the stairs. He sings while he stokes, caresses and repeatedly grabs the stiff iron sticks with delight. Incidentally, the bedroom window as well as the garden's fence also has more tempting iron bars screaming for adulation. So more caresses were also required there, of course.

At one point, they realized they had to use the model (already paid for), which came with the set. They called Viny and told him to stand in front of her and pretend she was a mirror. He was thrilled with the idea and also asked for a few close shots of his face while he did that to boast the skills of his plastic surgeon that has done a beautiful job on him...

Overall rating: 3/10

Final verdict: Viny, stick to your previous job (heik heik you are talking half of the time in the song).

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