Banadoura d Or

Banadoura d Or

Take the Murex d’Or, dip it in toxic slimy chemicals and watch it turn into a muted version called Banadoura d’Or. The bad boy of awards is finally here! Every country has its own satire award that makes fun of the Entertainment Industry and hands out trophies to the worst creative works, such as the Razzies or the Rotten Tomatoes Award. Lebanon and the Arab World can now rejoice with their very own official annual spoof show that honors the worst achievements in the Music and Film Industry.

The nominees will be determined by the Public. People are encouraged to send in their nominations for the different suggested categories via a special form available online at . Anyone with a valid email address can cast a vote. The categories are quite comprehensive and cover just about every aspect of the Creative Industry.

The Banadoura d’Or is actually an absurd stain inducing “product” created by Ms. Bandara Sursock, a teleported detergent mascot from the 50’s. She has time travelled from the past to give the current Entertainment Industry a good scrubbing, and tag the most disappointing artists with her concocted creation. Ms. Bandara is gradually catching up with all the latest technologies and has even created her very own facebook account, so make sure you add Bandara Sursock to your friends list!

The winners will be announced during a special ceremony, which is expected to take place in a public area, during the four upcoming months. Will the artists accept their awards? Stay tuned to find out!

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