Youssef Spahi

Youssef Spahi

Gender: Male

Nationality: Egypt

Youssef Spahi is the National Director and co-Owner of Face2Face, an organization which manages Miss Egypt.

Because of his good looks, Youssef Spahi worked in his early beginnings as a male fashion model in Milan. He later worked hard on becoming a fashion icon, and monopolizing the beauty titles industry in Egypt.

The Organization Face 2 Face, owned by Youssef and Andree A.Shaar, has discovered many Beauty Pageants from Egypt including the famous Yara Naoum. It is the Official representative of Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Global Teen, Miss Tourism Queen International and Miss Intercontinental in Egypt.

Youssef Spahi is also one of the most successful designers of evening wear in Egypt.

Youssef Spahi is often chosen on committees and juries of various TV shows and events such as Miss Lebanon, Zay Elnegoum (along with Hadi Sharara) or Mission Fashion Arabia.

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