Youssef Haddad

Youssef Haddad

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Youssef Haddad is a Lebanese actor.

Youssef haddad has acted in many television series.

He also took role in many Lebanese movies and theatrical plays.

In Theatre Youssef Haddad acted in the following plays:
Wa Kama Feel Yawm El Talet
Ekher Youm
Ghab Bala Announ
Aawdat El Finiq

In Television Youssef Haddad acted in the following TV series:
Kebriya We Nadam
Hikayet Amal
Ghadan Yawmon Akhar
Talameez Ekher Zaman
Doctor Hala
Aasr Al Hareem
Sanabil Al Houb
Chakatny Roudayna
Al Asifa Tahob Maratain
Nisaa Fel Asifa
Cherea Al Kaslik
Lail El Ziaab
Al Yanabi
Meleh Ya Baher
Majnoun Layla

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