Wissam Sabbagh

Wissam Sabbagh

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Actor

Wissam Sabbagh is a Lebanese actor and TV presenter.

Wissam Sabbagh holds a Diploma in Higher Education in Acting. He also has a B.S in Business School from Beirut Arab University.

Wissam Sabbagh began acting with one of the comedy Masters famous actor Ibrahim Merashli.

In the year 2003 Wissam Sabbagh took role in a comedy show on MBC which was called CBM. The program gave Wissam fame as a Lebanese Comedian around the Arab world.

More recently, Wissam Sabbagh has joined Orange Television - OTV. He presented numerous game shows during ramadan, and in 2010-2011 hosted a show called Khedni ma3ak (take me with you)a semi-reality TV show in which he spends a whole day with a public figure or celebrity.

In theater, Wissam Sabbagh took role in the following Plays:
Mahlouli (2009) written by Claudia Marchalian directed by Wissam Sabbagh
Kazzeb Kbir (2006) written by George Khabbaz directed by George Khabbaz
Haribeh ya awedim (2002) written by Marwan Najjar directed by Brouno Geara
Nader mesh edir (2000) written by Marwan Najjar directed by Brouno Geara
Hmar Sediss (1996) written by Ibrahim Merashli directed by Zouhdab Yaakobian

On Television, Wissam Sabbagh took role in the following TV series:
Oul Nshalla (2008)
Mahlouli (2007)
Mosh Zabta (2005)
Fadi w Radi (2004)
CBM (2002-2006)
Familia (2002-2004)
Mawasem AL Hasad (2001)
Limaza (2000)
Mada AL Omor (2000)
AL Inab AL Mor (1999)
Ekhir Mashhad (1998)
Talbeen El Orb (1997)

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