Gender: Female

Nationality: Saudi Arabia

Job Title: Singer

Waed, also written Waad, is a famous singer and musician from Saudi Arabia. Waed real name is Hanan Baker Younes, but her artistic persona goes by the name of Waed. She currently has Joe Maalouf as her manager.

Waed was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, by her Iraqi mother. Waed father Bakr Younes from SaudiArabia is one of the founders of the broadcasting station in Saudi Arabia.

Her family consists of one brother and five sisters. Waed took parts in numerous shows in high school and charitable organizations concerts, starting at the age of seven.

Waed enjoyed listening to music and singing songs since she was a child. She always dreamt of becoming a celebrity, so she worked hard on improving her talent and making her dream a reality.

Waed performed many concerts accross the Middle East, Europe, and America.

She has performed songs written and composed by big Saudi composers such as Mohammed Abdu and Talal Al Maddah.

Her first public appearance was on Orbit TV during its 6th anniversary celebration, which took place in Egypt and was televised accross the Middle East.

Waed Music Albums include
Wejhet Nazar.
Ya Ahlahoum.

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