Toni Issa

Toni Issa

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Toni Issa is a Lebanese actor.

Toni Issa is the son of a famous Lebanese actor called Nazem Issa. His brother, Jean-Marc Issa, is a photographer based in Canada. Toni Issa is one of the most talented Lebanese male actors and is often seen in TV series. He does serious roles as well as light comedy parts.

Toni Issa has appeared in the following:

2ebnat al mou3allem-LBC
Padre Pio - NOURSAT
Sa7n yawmi, Plat du Jour - New TV
Nouhad w Sou3ad - New TV
Soukout 2imra2a - LBC
Meli7 ya Ba7r - OTV
Familia - LBC
lianaho al 7obb - NTV
min ajli 3aynayha - OTV
3ala l 3ahed - NTV
joud - LBC
lil 7obb wajhon akhar - LBC
da2et aleb-NTV
esas neswen - LBC
al cheikha al amerikiya - OTV

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