Tarek El Atrash

Tarek El Atrash

Gender: Male

Nationality: Syria

Job Title: Singer

Tarek El Atrash is a Syrian singer who lives in Kuwait, he became famous in 2010 after releasing his debut album entitled "Shoo Ser Aynayk" (What is the secret in your Eyes?).

His album was produced by "SOLO records". The album contained seven songs, a mix of Lebanese dance and folklore songs, accompanied mostly with high beat rhythms, In addition to few Slow love song.

Our team notably loved the second songs entitled "Beshtaalak" (i miss you).

In the summer of 2011, Tarek released the song "El Sigara" ( the cigarette ) and followed it immediately with a video-clip. The clip was shot somewhere in the mountains in Lebanon. Tarek was filmed near a swimming pool wearing shorts and surrounded by beautiful women. The clip became a sensation on television.

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