Soheir El Bably

Soheir El Bably

Gender: Female

Nationality: Egypt

Job Title: Actress

First child: Nivin Al Noury

Soheir El Bably is a famous Egyptian film, TV and stage actress. Her name is also written as Suhair Al Babili or Suheir Bably.

She is mostly known for her role as Raya in "Raya w Sakina" theatrical drama with actress Shadia. Also known for her role as Madame Bakiza in the TV series "Bakiza wa Zaghloul".

Soheir El Bably retired in 1997 after wearing the veil. In 2006 she returned to acting through a TV series entitled "Qalb Habiba".

Soheir el Bably was married four times. She was married first to Mohamad Al Noury, then she got married to Mounir Mourad an actor, singer and a jazz oriental musician. Her third marriage was to Ashraf Al Sirjani and lastly she married business man Mahmoud Ghoniem. Soheir a daughter called Niveen and three grand-children.

In 1957, she took role in her first movie "Siraa Maa El Hayat" (A clash with life).

Some of her famous movies include: "Yaoum Fee Omry" - 1961, "Gharam Telmiza" - 1973.

In theatre she also played the role of the teacher in "Madrasat Al Moshaghebin".

In the month of November 2011, rumors circulated that she has been hospitalized and is in bad health condition. However, Souhair spoke up and confirmed that she is doing well.

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