Samir Kobti

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Composer

Samir Kobti also known as Samir Koubti or Sameer Qopti was a famous Lebanese composer from the late seventies, eighties and ninties.

Samir Kobti first composed the hit song for Joseph Naseef which was entitled Law Beeder Insaki in the late 70s.

He soon became more famous and composed songs for Sabbah like Khotweh Khotweh, Stop Ya taxi el houb and her children album entitled Tek Tek ya Asfour.

In the mid eighties Samir worked with singers Alaa Zalzali, Elissa and Imad helou.

Samir Koubti was the manager and the discoverer of Imad Helou, he composed many of Imad songs and helped him release his first two albums.

Samir Kobti was killed on the 26th of June 2003 by a seventeen year old man. The man was found guilty and confessed about the other people who were the reason behind his death. Apparently Samir had some issues with late payment with someone, and the man ordered the 17 year old guy to go into samir house and kill him.

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