Rania Issa Dagher

Rania Issa Dagher

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: TV Host

Rania Issa Dagher is a controversial Lebanese TV personality, noted for her offensive anti-gay heterosexist mentality.

Rania Issa Dagher became mostly known because of her repetitive appearances as a guest on the TV show LOL, hosted by Hisham Haddad and Arze Chidiac on Orange Television - OTV.

As a comedian, Rania Issa Dagher is mostly "specialized" in Homophobic jokes about "Foufou" , through which she happily expresses her disdain towards the LGBT community, to the hosts delight. Ironically, many of the guests received on the show happen to be gay, as explained by an angered activist.

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