Randa Sarkis

Randa Sarkis

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: TV Host

Randa Sarkis is a Lebanese model, TV presenter, radio anchor and actress.

As of 2011, Randa Sarkis presents a live game show on Heya TV- Arab Woman's Channel, called Inta W-hazzak. She has been on the “Kanat El Maraaa El Arabia” since 2008.
Between 2006 – 2008, she used to work on Ouyoun TV, where she hosted live game shows, and received guests.

As a radio anchor, Randa first started working in 2004 on “the Voice of Liberty” FM station. Four years later she moved the Morning Show on the liban star- sawt al 5aleeg Radio.

As an actress, Randa Sarkis appeared in a small role in Bila Zakira on Murr Television - MTV Lebanon, a TV series directed by Fouad Sleiman featuring actors like May Sayegh, Michel Abou Sleiman, Walid El Alayli, Youssef Haddad, etc.

In 2006-2007, she appeared in small extra roles in "Ibni", a TV series starring Badih Abou Chakra, in "El Yanabih" starring Ward El Khal, and in the TV series "Hamati W Aaqlati" and "Abdo w Abdo" with the comedy actor Pierre Chamoun...

She also appeared in the series "Imraa Min Dayaa", "Dounia Heik", as well as in the theatrical play “Anis W Maurice”.

In 2009, she took role in Shay’ Min al Quouwa on LBCI.

In June 2011, Randa Sarkis appeared in a TV commercial for Concord home appliances. The ad was in the same spirit as an earlier commercial the company did in the late 90s-early 2000s featuring Miriam Clink.

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