Nawel Madani

Nawel Madani

Gender: Female

Nationality: Algeria

Nawel Madani is a famous Algerian model and television face who lives in Paris.

After graduating with a degree in Marketing, Nawel Madani left her native country Belgium of 21 years flying to Paris with the ambition of becoming a professional dancer.

She attended courses at the IDA - International Dance Academy and quickly got several offers as a model and dancer in numerous music videos (Diam's, Mike Bishop, FactorX, Matindas)

Nawel Madani quickly proved herself as a dancer, and later became a choreographer for many renowned artists including Rohff, Kayliah, Mac Tyer and many others. Nawel also created her very own agency "Symphony" that is involved in casting the models and dancers for music videos and promoting street wear ( Adidas, Lord ko, Enhancer, L'skadrille...)

Nawel also hosts a TV show “Rock Ya Body” that helps amateurs reproduce the choreographed dance segments of famous music videos. After they are trained, re-looked and grouped, they take part in a fun face-off dance that is then rated by the audience.

Nawel did not stop here; she hopes to soon conquer the big screen.
Nawel's ambition is to become a famous actress. This is why she is currently taking dramatic arts courses to improve her acting skills.

We have definitely not seen the last of her!

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