Maurice Gemayel

Maurice Gemayel

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Politician

Maurice Gemayel was a Lebanese politician who was a minister and an MP for the Metn Area.

Maurice Gemayel was born in Lebanon in the year 1910, He died on the 31st of October 1970.

Maurice Gemayel was a leading personality to the Kataeb Party.

Maurice Gemayel is the cousin of Pierre Gemayel who founded the Kataeb Party.

Maurice Gemayel was the head of the Food and Agriculture Organisation - FAO for 2 terms.

Maurice Gemayel was the founder of the Ministry of Plan in Lebanon.

Maurice Gemayel was the brain behind many projects such as the Institute for Palestine Studies which was founded in 1963 and the Council of the South which was founded in 1970, the year he died.

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