Mahmoud Mabsout

Mahmoud Mabsout

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Actor

Colleague: Abou Salim

knows: Fairouz

Mahmoud Mabsout is a Lebanese actor, best known for playing the role of Fehman in the Abou Saleem group and also in several Lebanese and Arabic movies.

Mahmoud Mabsout died on Monday the 25th of July 2011 in the Sheikh Ragheb Harb Hospital in Nabatiyeh, South Lebanon.

He died as a result of a heart attack while performing on stage with Abou Salim during a festival in the village of Kfarssir in South Lebanon. He was singing his famous Song (Ana Wmarti Fahimeh) when he got the heart attack. Mahmoud was rushed to the hospital, however could not be saved and died the next day.

Mahmoud Mabsout had taken role in many movies since the late sixties. Some of his movies include:

1966 - Safar barlek with Fairouz

1967 - Bint El-Harass with Fayrouz

1994 - Operation Golden Phoenix Race Mechanic

1998 - West Beirut

2005 - After Shave (Beyrouth après-rasage)

2005 - Bosta

2008 - Une chanson dans la Tête

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