Karima Gouit

Karima Gouit

Gender: Female

Nationality: Morocco

Karima Gouit is a Moroccan Actress.

Karima Gouit played the role of Arsinoe (the half-sister of Cleopatra) in 'Cleopatra, Portrait of a Killer' a program which aired on BBC.

Karima Gouit also starred in Zinate Al Hayate (TV series) 2011 as Sanaa, and played the role of a Moroccan waitress in Heartbreaker (2010).

Karima Gouit has appeared as an extra in numerous documentaries and movies. She appeared in Discover Christmas, a holiday themed release that offered five religiously themed stories about Christmas, with lessons about life and spirituality.

In 2011, Karima Gouit joined the reality TV show Star Academy 8. See her student profile under Karima Ghaith.

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