Imad Feghaly

Imad Feghaly

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Imad Feghaly is a Lebanese actor, mostly appearing in local TV series.

Imad Feghaly (aka Imad Feghali) was part of the cast on Luna in the 3rd season of Al Zaman TV series on Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation - LBC, alongside Nadine Al Rassi, Mazen Mouaddam, Hiyam Abou Chedid, Chawki Matta, Khitam Lahham, Layla Hakim, Joelle Dagher, Mona Karim, Joelle Frenn, Abir Aoun, Rania Issa, and Dory Samarani.

Imad Feghali was also in a small role in Bila Zakira on Murr Television - MTV Lebanon, a TV series directed by Fouad Sleiman featuring actors like May Sayegh, Michel Abou Sleiman, Walid El Alayli, Youssef Haddad, etc.

Imad also appeared in TV series Thabat wa Nabat 2009, Sarah 2009, and in the movie Al Mashhad (the scene) 2005.

In June 2011, Imad Feghaly appeared on the TV show Jeyin Njarebkon in a hilarious duo formed with fellow friend Assaad Hattab. They were so funny, instantly compared to the gay couple Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett from the American TV series (played by Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson respectively) or the French duo Benoit Dubois and Thomas Vitiello.

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