Ibrahim Maraachli

Ibrahim Maraachli

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Ibrahim Maraachli also known as Ibraheem Marashly is a famous Lebanese theater artist and comedian actor. He worked in lebanese movies, theater, television and radio.

Ibrahim Maraashli was born in the year 1967, He died on the 15th of September 2004 in Beirut.

Ibrahim Maraashli work in television programs and plays span for over 30 years. He started his career in the sixties when he took roles in famous Lebanese and Egyptian movies. He then worked with the theater of Hassan Aladdin (Chocho) when he founded the National Theater.

In Television, Ibrahim Marashly was known for comedy roles with comedian and actress Ferial Karim and Hind Abi-Lamaa. His famous roles in Tv-series "Songs and meanings", "the teacher and the professor" and "Captain Bob" was the most devoted in the world of the small screen.

Ibrahim Maraashli Theaters
Chouchou Bek fi Sawfar (Master Chouchou in Sawfar)
Aadas wa caviar (Beans and Caviar)
Haeyt El Jiran (The wall of the neighbors)
Wselet Lal 99 (I reached 99)

Ibrahim Maraashli Television Series
Captain Bob along with Al Ameera Alsaghira
Ibrahim Afandi
Al Mouaallima Wal Oustaz (Teacher and Professor)
Burj El Hobb (The tower of love)
Secretaret El Baba (The secretary of my Dad)

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