Husayn Al Musawi

Husayn Al Musawi

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Politician

Husayn Al Musawi also Hussein El Mousawi or Houssien Mousawi is a Lebanese Shia Leader.

Husayn Al Musawi was the founder of the militia Islamic Amal in the year 1982, the movement was a pro-Iranian Islamist party which later seized to exist.

Husayn Al Musawi was the head and spokesman of the Amal party, One of the Large Shite groups.

During the month of June in the year 1982 Husayn Al Musawi moved away from Amal party to found the Islamic Amal group, which was based in Baalbek, Lebanon.

Al Musawi did not approved of Nabih Berri participating in the first session of the 6 man Lebanese National Salvation Committee, and the way he accepted the Unnited States diplomatic efforts to end the Israeli siege of West Beirut, and the way he opposed the pledging of pan-Islamic allegiance by Amal to Iranian Revolutionary Islamist leader Ayatollah Khomeini.

On the 21st of November 1982, Husayn Al Musawi ordered the capturing of a Lebanese Gendarmerie barracks. Overpowering the Gendarmerie under the command of Sheikh Abdullah.

In the year 1986 Irani pressured Husayn Al Musawi to close down the Islamic Amal Movement, but he refused.

Inside information said that Islamic Amal got integrated under the Hizbollah party.

In 1984, Hezbollah had absorbed Islamic Amal along with other extremist groups at the time.

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