Golden Murex Award - Murex Dor

Golden Murex Award - Murex Dor

The Murex D'or also known as the Golden Murex Award is one of the most important award ceremonies which takes place in Lebanon and honors Lebanese and Arab personalities who play a major role in the region.

The Murex is a Phoenician Symbol which represents a shellfish. It was discovered by our ancestors, the Phoenicians.
The Murex has been considered as the source of the Deep Rose color known as the Ourjouan. Phoenicians used Murex color to dye the silk and other fabrics and ship them across the world. The Murex played in major role in their trade, success and fame.

The Murex D'or award symbol is thus a symbol of success.

The Golden Murex Trophy was designed by Lebanese sculptor Nabil Helou tailored to this big event.

The design itself represents a Phoenician personage raising his arm towards the sky, with a Murex in his hand, symbolizing Victory and Success.

This yearly event has given tribute to many personalities and gave them numerous awards, for complete details on the winners their category, and awards won make sure you check.

- Golden Murex Award 2006 ( still pending - will take place in the early 2007)
- Golden Murex Award 2005
- Golden Murex Award 2004
- Golden Murex Award 2003
- Golden Murex Award 2002
- Golden Murex Award 2001
- Golden Murex Award 2000

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