Fouad El Mohandes

Fouad El Mohandes

Gender: Male

Nationality: Egypt

Fouad El Mohandes also known as Fouad Al Mohandis is a famous Egyptian comedian actor.

Fouad Al Mohanddess was born on the 6th of September 1924 in Cairo, Egypt, he died on the 16th of September 2006.

In addition to being a movie actor, Fouad was also a famous stage actor. His career in acting started from the year 1950 when he focused mostly on doing comedy roles in many of theater cinema and Television.

Zaki El Mohandes was his father, a famous linguist and the Dean of the Faculty of Dar El Uloom. Fouad father was also a member of the Arabic language Academy of Cairo.

Fouad Mohandess was inspired by the theaterical plays of editor Naguib Al Rehani. He decided to take his career into a hight ground by getting a degree in drama. His first offical work was a group named Sa3a la Aalbak (An hour to your heart) it was a stand up commedy famous in Egypt.

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