Farouk Al Fichawi

Farouk Al Fichawi

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Gender: Male

Nationality: Egypt

Farouk El Fichawi, also known as Farook El Fishawi is a renouned Egyptian actor, Farouk was born in February 1952 in Cairo ,Egypt.

Farouk Al Fichawi is an accomplished actor with talented versatility and an imparable charisma.

Farouk Al Fichawi counts his fame to a great number of films of all genres; spreading out over a few twenty years of acting career.

Among his films: Tasalni Man Ana with actress Yosra, Moshwar Omr and Al Khadem.

Farouk Al Fichawi also played in Egyptian television serials.

Farouk Al Fichawi was married to actress Egyptian actress Soumaya Al Alfi with whom he had two children, one of whom is the known young actor Ahmed Farouk Al Fichawi, who decided to take the same acting career as his father.

Farouk Al Fichawi Filmography

- 2003: Alaih el-Awadh
- 1999: Souq al mot aa
- 1993: Lieah ya banafsieg
- 1990: Al Khadem
- 1989: Ightisab (Rape)
- 1986: Moshwar Omar (Omar's Journey)
- 1986: Youssef and Zeinab
- 1985: Basamat fawk Al Maa
- 1984: Beit Al Qadi
- 1984: Argouk aateni haza al dawaa
- 1984: La tasalni man ana
- 1982: Qahwet al mawardy (Mawardy Cafe)

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