Colette Khoury

Colette Khoury

Gender: Female

Nationality: Syria

Job Title: Writer

Colette Khoury is a Syrian writer and socio-political activist.

Colette Khoury was born in 1931. She is the granddaughter of former Syrian Prime Minister Faris al-Khoury.

She is especially known for her novel "Ayyam Maahou" (The Days With Him) which was published in 1959 and is based on her love affair with famous Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani.

In 2008, Khoury was appointed literary adviser to the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Colette Khoury was also supposed to be Syria's first ever ambassador to Lebanon, but that title was given to another.

Commenting on the latest 2011 unrest in Syria (see Syria Protests) Khoury explains "Syria is paying the price for saying no to Israel and America for such a long time. We are proud of belonging to Syria, the only independent state that refused to give up resistance." In an interview with Syrian TV Satellite Channel, she added “We are currently going through a critical stage in Syria. It isn’t a matter of reform, not anymore. It is about Syria and the Syrian people.”

Colette writes in the Syrian daily newspaper "Al-Baath".

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