Bushra Khalil

Bushra Khalil

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Bushra Khalil also known as Boushra Khalil or Bouchra Khalil was born in the south Lebanon. Boushra Khalil graduated from the Beirut University in 1979 with a Degree in Law.

In the year 1985 Bushra Khalil practiced law in Belgium. She was often a guest of the Iraqi authorities in the 1990s.

Lebanese lawyer Bouchra Khalil became Saddam Hussein member of the committee who defended the former Iraqi president during his trial.

Boushra Khalil is one of the few women, who wished to defend the overthrown dictator on his trial.

Despite her relations with Shiite leaders (her uncle, Sheikh Mohammed Taqi al-Faqih, was a student of Iraqi Shiite figure Sheikh Mohsen al-Hakeem) Boushra had also been in contact with Sunnite leaders of the collapsed regime. The Lebanese lawyer was even friends with Saddam's son Ouday.

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