Alain Sawaya

Alain Sawaya

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Composer

Alain Sawaya is a Lebanese producer and arranger based in Cote d'Ivoire.

Alain Sawaya was born in Bamako-Mali in 1965. He lived there for 14 years, before moving with his family to Abidjan-Ivory Coast. He originally studied Advertising and Marketing in Montreal-Canada. He is at the same time Producer, Author, Composer, Arranger, Sound Engineer and Performer.

Sawaya first initiated a live music band at school called ‘Cool System’ (renamed Parallele 8) in which he created his first singles, while composing and learning sound engineering.
He later opened his own recording studio in Abidjan and recorded more than 750 albums and produced more than 50 albums with many partners, such as R.I.P.Marcellin Yace.
In 1991, he launched 5 programs on a local FM Radio Station named “Frequence 2”, making it one of the most listened to radios.
Sawaya often collaborates with Stephanie Farhat and Olivier Ble; together they made the famous song “Terre d’Ivoire”, a big hit in Africa.
In 2004, Sawaya worked on his first Album “Virus” with Stephanie Farhat and Boudy Naoum. His catchy song “Young Girl”, also shot as a music video, was a huge international hit. It mixed English, Arabic and French.

Alain Sawaya currently has a very busy schedule, working with famous African, European and Middle Eastern artists including Walid Toufik, Dolly Chahine, Stephanie Farhat, Fady, Paolo Kay, Wajdi Lakhel, Daydream, and Lamice.......and the virtual singer Yaya Yay!

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