Ahmad Doughan

Ahmad Doughan

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Ahmed Dogan is a Lebanese singer who is named "Al Andalib Al Ashkar".

Work is the renewal of a number of old songs such as "Who are you baby", "Gana El Hawa" and "I love you" to Abdul-Halim. And Abdel-Wahab, "A Cut your heart", Faiza Ahmed, "I am inclined Ajlic my heart" composed by Helmi Bakr, "O The Charlatans" Reply to "for January Fouad, and" honey "for the morning.

Dugan prepared bands Gnaiien first special and includes seven songs from his words and tunes and distribution was recorded in a studio, Ahmed Dogan.

The predominance of melodies that are renewed with the eloquent melody Hamdi Abdel-Wahab and another Helmi Bakr. We have taken into account in the choices to be familiar melodies on the public's ears, and renewal to be approved by the new generation in his own way at the same time contributing to the clean reputation.

Soon, he will travel Ahmed Dogan in Dubai to shoot, "I love you" from the songs renewed, and the "old love" of new songs with director Sam Zebian.

Once the readiness of the video clip will be put in the CD market.

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