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Stray Bullet Movie

Stray Bullet Movie

Stray Bullet is a Lebanese film directed by Georges Hachem.

Stray Bullet becomes RSASSA TAYCHEH in Arabic, and Balle Perdue in its French version. It's a socio-politically charged family melodrama set in 1976 at the beginning of Lebanon’s civil war.

Nadine Labaki (director and star of 2007’s hugely successful Arab film Caramel) plays Noha, about to enter into an arranged marriage with a man she doesn’t love. While her overbearing family make the wedding preparations, Noha sneaks off to the woods with her lover, where she witnesses a brutal act that changes her perception of the world forever...

The movie Stray Bullet won Best Feature Muhr award at the International Film Festival in Dubai (DIFF) on December 19, 2010.

Produced by: George Schoucair (Abbout Productions)

Cast: Nadine L., Takla Chamoun, Hind Tabet, Badih Bouchacra.

Screenplay: George Hashem.
Image: Muriel Abourouss.
Editing: Simon El Habre Elias Chahine.
Sound: Rana Eid.
Music: Nadim Mishlawi.

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